At the heart of the local church – and the Christian faith – is the gift of prayer.  We’d love to offer to pray for you. Or for a loved one.

What might we pray? Perhaps to give thanks for something in your family? Or to look for God’s peace during a tough time? Maybe you’re asking God for patience in adversity, strength in suffering, or for healing in sickness?

You’re invited to write down details on the form on this page. A name, and perhaps a little bit of how we might pray. We then commit to pray over the next few days. And if helpful do keep us posted as to how we might keep praying. 

“God of love, I place my hopes into your hands.
Help me to trust you.
Please work in my life.
Please work in the lives of those I love.
May your vision for our world become reality.

Please note that a small group of trusted prayers will see these prayers. We will keep them suitably confidential, but we do recommend that you only put such details on this form as you would be happy to be seen by others.