Second Sundays at Christ the King

At Christ the King we have been talking for quite some time about our services on the second Sunday of the month.

  • How do we support the current monthly Radbrook Messy Church on a Sunday afternoon?
  • How might our existing Sunday morning service develop, particularly on the second Sunday of each month?
  • Are there other ways of meeting together – and doing church – which might help CTK as a whole to grow over the next months and years as we “live for Jesus, love one another and set a table for the world.”

At our DCC meeting on Monday 26th September we made the decision that “we will continue to meet at RCC at 1030am on the second Sunday of each month, but we will give equal priority to Messy Church at 4pm.” That way we will continue to develop our morning service pattern, but also have a larger team of people who can resource and help grow Messy Church on a Sunday afternoon.

So we are asking each and every person who makes up life at CTK to prayerfully step out with us. What might God be calling you to do? Where might you get involved? And how might we grow together?

Let us know your thoughts. For everyone at CTK they have been invited to make a response by Sunday 6th November, the day when we will be praying for those who have said “yes” to making Messy Church their primary worship commitment on the second Sunday. Alternatively, you can complete the questions online. We look forward to hearing from you.




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