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“In his name, and after his example, I come not to be served but to serve.” These are words taken from the Coronation service and spoken by a King. However they act as a reminder to each and every one of us. As 2023 continues we want to invite each and every person who wants to make Trinity Churches their home to consider the impact this call to serve has on their lives.

As a team we want to say a huge ‘thank you’ to everyone who serves so faithfully, in so many different areas of Monday to Saturday life as well as at our Sunday gatherings. Living our vocation is about all of our lives, whole-life and life-long disciples of Jesus. This can be life changing and an exciting way to live!

However we also want to recognise – for those old and new – the challenges that we face in supporting a number of areas of our work. We are currently struggling to see how best to resource some areas of our ministry because there isn’t currently a strong enough team of people involved. And there are myriad ways in which people might be involved in our midweek life as well.

Stepping UP – our everyday lives

We’re well aware that “serving God” is so much more than filling Sunday rotas or a busy diary of midweek activities. Living our vocation is about all of our lives, whole-life and life-long disciples of Jesus. We’re asking for ways in which we might pray for you, and that’s a really genuine sense of wanting to honour and support you wherever God has put you.

Stepping UP – Sunday gatherings

If our Sunday services across the parish are going to be all that they might be – a place of growing faith, proclaiming hope and living the love of Jesus – then we believe that we all have a part to play as we come together as congregations. This is true of people of all ages, and as part of our commitment at the mid-morning gathering at HT that at least 25% of those serving are young people.

Stepping UP – Our Midweek Church life

We’ve always sought to be a church with a strong commitment to living faith and serving others Monday to Saturdays as well as Sundays. There are myriad ways in which people are already serving, but we’ve identified three areas of particular need and emphasis at the moment. As life opens up a little bit more at this stage of our COVID journey, are there ways in which you could be part of a team to bring faith, hope and love to others?

Stepping into…

Welcome team are those who stand at the doors and welcome people to our services, and some of the practical ways in which we can prepare for our gatherings.

Musicians are those who lead the music and worship life of the services

Bible readers read scripture, either ‘in person’ or – at the mid-morning gathering – pre-recorded from home.

Prayers. They help focus all of our prayers for the church, community and the world. At the mid-morning gathering this is sometimes done with a home pre-recorded video.

Children / Youth Workers have the privilege and responsibility of helping younger generations grow in their faith. This often takes place once a month as part of a team.

Prayer Team members are available during and after the service to pray for people and to ask for God’s grace and love in their lives.

Refreshments Team have the task of making teas, coffees and drinks after the service, and the really vital role of helping people feel at home in this important part of our worship.

Sound Team and AV team have the crucial role of ensuring that we can hear the service well, can see everything on the screens at the right time, and our online presence is up and running

Café Connect is open Monday to Saturday at the heart of Radbrook Green. There is a very urgent need for to increase the team who will be working alongside either Dave (Cafe Manager) or Bradley (Shift Supervisor). Ideally you’d do a shift a week, full training is given, and you won’t be ‘thrown in the deep end’ but rather supported each step of the way. It’s great fun as well!

Youth Work on a Tuesday early evening, working with a really exciting group of young people to have fun, go deeper in faith, and be supported to live as Christians at school and at home. This, and other similar roles, would need a DBS check and safeguarding training.

Messy Church is one of many events we host for children and families, and is a fantastic way of “doing and being church” for different generations.

Gardening Team helps keep our churchyard at Holy Trinity a beautiful place. This can involve grass cutting, leaf clearing, and being outside in God’s beautiful gardens!

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