Into the darkness of the world come words of hope. “Arise, shine, your light has come” (Isaiah 60:1) From Sunday 20th November we are offering a week-long opportunity to pray. For our nation and for our world. For our community and our church. For our families and ourselves.

During the week there will be a daily pattern of prayer with hour long slots through the day and night:

    • During the day (8am till 9pm) we are asking people to pray in the Trinity Centre prayer room. The room features creative ways of being with God and resources to pray, based around our big images of light. Using the room during the day in this way isn’t stopping people from praying at home as well, but to help a more continuous ‘flow’ of people praying we ask that everyone signing up for one of these slots agrees to be praying in person in the prayer room.
    • During the nights (9pm till 8am) there are two options. Most people will be praying hour-by-hour from home, and keeping a conversation going by using the online chat space below. Others, by prior agreement, have booked to pray in the room and will be dividing up the hours as a group. 
    • There will be ‘hosted’ times at 8am and 8pm each day in the prayer room which will give a bit of structure and rhythm to the first and final hour of prayer in the room. We’d love you to join in with those as you can.
    • There will be resources for people of all ages, and we’re particularly inviting some of our regular children and youth groups to be getting involved. For those praying at home there will also be some creative resources available online. 
    • Don’t be daunted at spending an hour alone in prayer. If you sign up, there will be resources both in the room and online to help you.  The amazing thing is that most people who do an hour say that “two would be better”, especially during the quiet hours of the night. Prayer turns out to be …. a lifeline!

To sign up just click on a slot and put your name down to pray. Any number may join the same slot. It would be helpful if you could you supply your email so that you get an encouraging reminder to pray! Please note that your email address will be shared with the coordinator, Rev Charles Ruxton, and no-one else.