Shrewsbury Food Hub

Shrewsbury Food Hub

A few months ago we introduced the amazing work of Shrewsbury Food Hub. Let’s hear an update from them of some of the work they do locally…

If you’ve ever walked past Meole Brace Memorial Hall first thing you’ll see an amazing sight as crates of food are carried out into the half-light of the morning. Each crate is destined to end up at one of at least thirty local organisations they support, including the Severn Hospice,  Shrewsbury Ark, Food Bank Plus and school breakfast clubs across the area.

The idea is simple – and profound. Food is taken from local supermarkets, and then redistributed to local groups in need. Instead of food going to waste, it finds a good home instead. Over their first six months 10,000 meals worth of food was redistributed.

Bacon Buddies, hosted by Trinity Churches on the Meole Estate is one of the projects which benefits from Shrewsbury Food Hub. “Free food is making a huge difference for our groups –  saving them budget, making it easy to teach about healthy eating and bring people together.  I love the food smiles I get every morning as I make my deliveries.” says Mike Haddaway, member of Holy Trinity and one of the team of volunteers working with Shrewsbury Food Hub

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