Shrewsbury Food Hub

 food-hubAs harvest approaches, do you ever wonder what happens to some of the unused food in our local supermarkets?

Recent months have seen a joint venture between Bacon Buddies and the Shrewsbury Food Hub. Katy Anderson, co-founder of the Hub explains, “It’s a very simple idea, but it makes a big difference. Our volunteers collect food from Marks and Spencer’s and Sainsbury’s and then redistribute it. They hated the idea of all the good food going to waste and so have organised to take this food to 18 different groups across the town and it’s all free. Bacon Buddies is one of these groups.” Redistributing this food is very similar to the ancient act of gleaning. Farmers would allow passers-by to take grain from the edge of their fields; showing love to their neighbours. At Bacon Buddies we are doing just that with this food; we ask everyone to take what they need and then to take extra to pass on to their neighbour as a simple act of kindness. gordon-lamb-bacon-buddies

Gordon Lamb, Pioneer Community Minister, said “We are never sure what will be delivered each week so it is pot luck really. But I can say that we have met many new neighbours and relationships in the community have grown because of the Hub. So a BIG thank you!”

Bacon Buddies is our regular Thursday morning community event where you receive free bacon roll and a cuppa. Now this includes free food from the Hub. Come along and join in at The Church in the Meet Place on Maesbrook Road.


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