“You restore my soul” says Psalm 23. And how we need it at the end of this year. A week to pray for God’s restoring, for the sake of the communities we serve, the church we belong to, and in our own lives and families.

We are hosting a week of continuous prayer from midday on 21st November through to the following Sunday 28th November. During the day, between 9am and 7pm, Holy Trinity Church will be open and the tower vestry set up as an interactive prayer room.  Outside of those times – unless by prior arrangement – we’re inviting people to pray from home or wherever else that time of day finds you.

If you look at the online sign-up sheet https://pray.24-7prayer.com/signup/303492 you will see the daily pattern of prayer:

  • Hour-long slots through day and night. Just click on a slot and put your name down to pray then. Any number may join the same slot. If you supply your email you will get an encouraging reminder to pray! (your email address will be shared with the coordinator, Rev Charles Ruxton, and no-one else).
  • There will be ‘hosted’ times at 9am and 6pm each day in the prayer room. We’d love you to join in with those as you can. The evening will coincide with six o’clock live Monday to Friday.
  • In the prayer room there will be resources for people of all ages, and we’re particularly inviting some of our regular children and youth groups to be getting involved.

Don’t be daunted at spending an hour alone in prayer. If you sign up, there will be resources both in the room and online to help you. The amazing thing is that most people who do an hour say that “two would be better”, especially during the quiet hours of the night. Prayer turns out to be …. a lifeline!