Spring 2017 termcards are now available

Spring 2017 termcards are now available

Each term we publish a “termcard” to outline something of what is going on at our Sunday services. There are details of what we’re going to be learning together as God’s family, and something of how we want to be growing as a community who are “living for Jesus, loving one another, and setting a table for the world.”

The latest termcards are now available, both in print from the churches, or online by clicking below. Take one home, and make use of it as you can.

Of course, Sunday services are only a fraction of what else is going on across the parish. In so many ways they aren’t the “main event”, but rather the weekly opportunity to come together and share what God has been doing for the rest of our weeks, and to encourage each other as we go out once more into the communities we serve.

2017 CTK Spring Termcard

2017 HT Spring Termcard