Starting 2021 in the Bible?

Starting 2021 in the Bible?

As the time of New Year’s resolutions approaches, we know that this is often a time when many of us resolve to spend more time in prayer and reading the Bible.

We would love to invite those of us who would like to do so to join a whatsapp or instagram chat group with three or four others, and a commitment to read the same passage of the Bible each day for perhaps six or seven weeks.  The idea would be that we could then encourage one another with the ways in which we see God speaking to us.

This is a time limited commitment which we hope will encourage many of to either use the Lectio 365 app which Neville Willerton mentioned a few weeks ago, or to engage with the LICC’s ‘Whole Bible in 50 days’ material ( which comes via email) and will complement our sermon series and small group work next term.  We’re also including a link below to “The Bible Project” which is a weekly email / podcast / video etc. Our hope is that it will encourage us in our own personal Bible reading and reflection as well as helping us to connect us with those who we might not see regularly from the Church family. Meanwhile the daily six o’clock live will also feature a chance to dig into the big story of the Bible for those who choose to be regularly involved in that.

Find out more? Speak to Fi Iddon if you want to express an interest in being part of this, and take a look at the resources which are ready to go from 1st January 2021.

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