Supporting the older community

Supporting the older community

Phil Cansdale, the Vicar is part of the team who lead regular services in three local residential homes, including Maesbrook Care Home.

I often joke that “if people can’t cmaesbrook care homeome to church, then church will come to the people.” And that’s what happens! We have a simple monthly service in the lounge together with a “thought for the day”, some prayers, and Holy Communion for those who wish. Sometimes- if we’re feeling brave and particularly awake- then we’ll try a song as well!

After that I’ll often go and visit other residents in their rooms, and chat to family members. I also enjoy getting to know staff as we work together in building a caring home for all. Of course for some residents I also have the privilege of taking their funerals, and supporting families and loved ones after a death.

I’m always amazed by the impact that Christian faith can have in the lives of older people. For some they’ve been Christians all through their life and look for continued support. For others they are reconnecting with a faith they once had, or finding something of God’s love and peace for the first time.