Fab video from The Bible Society

I was in a meeting this week talking about some of the different people, and organisations, we get to support across the world. Thank you so much for your generosity, giving over £20k last year to support God’s work locally and further afield.

I received an email from the Bible Society this morning,  one of the organisations we give regularly too. They’re amazing. It included this video about Bibles being brought to a remote tribe in West Papua. I must have seen it a dozen times, but still find a lump in my throat every time I watch it, as these people receive God’s word for the first time in their own language. I have about thirty Bibles sitting on my shelves, numerous podcast versions, and mobile phones and everything else to read scripture on. If I only I had that same sense of joy and expectation when I hear scripture.

With thanks for all that you do in supporting others to encounter God’s word for themselves.


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