The Glebe field – update

The Glebe field - update

We were really pleased to share the latest ideas about the use of the Meole Brace Glebe field in our Advent Sunday service on 1st December.

This follows a period of community consultation earlier in the year, and ongoing conversations with our local councillor, Town Council and County council representatives. The plan involves doing work on both the Glebe field and access to the Trinity Centre, and seeks to open up the frontage of these beautiful buildings. We are being guided by principles of ecological sustainability and community access, as well as our responsibility to ensure that there is safe and proper access to the whole site.

Initial plans came out of consultation with local landscape gardener Nic Evans, who brought his 30 years experience to bring forward some first ideas for design. Since then conversations have continued, especially over improving the road, pavement and parking issues which may have an impact on both sides of Church Road. We’ve been working with ArrolArchitects, as well as taking advice from a biodiversity survey. A PCC working group have responsibility for this, and any comments or questions can be sent to them via the Church Office email

Download a PDF version of the draft drawing



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