Evening Service Sermons – The Life of Moses

Evening Service Sermons - The Life of Moses

The sermon series in the evenings is on the life of Moses.

‘Please send someone else!’ That was Moses’ response to God when he called him at the burning bush. He’d already dodged death at birth when he had been hidden in the bulrushes only to land in the arms of Pharaoh’s daughter and be brought up in Pharaoh’s’ palace. And then, after murdering an Egyptian, he’d fled into the desert. It was there in the wilderness, standing on holy ground, he heard God’s call to be the one to lead God’s people out of captivity in Egypt. But Moses, like we so often do, felt inadequate for the task, and made many excuses to try and avoid God’s call. But reluctantly he accepted God’s mission and over the years, through the plagues, the parting of the Red Sea and God’s miraculous provision of manna and quails in the desert, learned that the God who calls us is faithful and will equip us and provide for all our needs. As we look at the life of Moses in our 630 sermon series this term, we hope that we too will be encouraged to overcome our own fears and inadequacies, to step out into all that God has called each of us to, and as we do, that we too will encounter afresh the God who is the great ‘I AM.’


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