The most wonderful time of the year…

The most wonderful time of the year...

For many of us Christmas is a wonderful time spent with loved ones, friends/family, colleagues, neighbours over good food, carols, and other festive traditions. But for some it is a painful and lonely time. Did you catch the recent interview with Terrence on BBC Breakfast? He is an elderly gentleman who has often spent Christmas Day on his own but this year he will be spending it with a friend he met through Age UK. Have your tissues at the ready when watching this as Terrence is shown overwhelmed by the kindness of those from his local community who wanted to reach out and prepared some Christmas surprises for him.

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There are some in our local community who also have no one to spend Christmas with. We have our Soul Purpose lunch happening this year at Trinity Centre on Christmas Day designed to bring a sense of community to those who may have lost loved ones or have no family living close by. We have plenty of people helping to peel potatoes and to greet guests so thank you to all those who are already involved.

We do need a few extra volunteers. Could you help to collect guests and bring them to the Centre after the morning service at Holy Trinity Meole Brace? No return journey is needed. If you can help please speak to Simon Iddon or ring Verity Lowe on 07989716077. Thank you.




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