Thy Kingdom Come – 2017 prayer

Thy Kingdom Come - 2017 prayer

The Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, is inviting Christians around the world to pray as one for people to know Jesus Christ. This is taking place between Ascension and Pentecost 2017.


We are joining in that here at Trinity Churches, and are offering opportunities to come together to pray, as well as resources to get praying on our own and in small groups.

Praying Together

Thursday 25th May. Corporate Prayer in Church from 7pm – 8pm, followed by half night of prayer between 8pm – 12pm in half hour slots. “Thy Kingdom come in…”

8pm “Thy Kingdom Come” in our schools

8.30pm “hy Kingdom Come” among our friends, families and neighbours

9pm “Thy Kingdom Come” through local mission (Ark, Street Pastors, Food Bank)

9.30pm “Thy Kingdom Come” in our health and care services

10pm “Thy Kingdom Come” in our government (local, national and international)

10.30pm “Thy Kingdom Come” through our overseas mission links

11pm “Thy Kingdom Come” through the persecuted church

11.30pm “Thy Kingdom Come” in our rural communities


Sunday 28th May and Sunday 4th June. Focussed intercessions at Sunday services.

Tuesday 30th May. Prayer walk (to include #sayoneforme) in the late afternoon and early evening.

Wednesday 31st May 7.30pm – 830pm corporate prayer linked to prayer walk

Saturday 3rd June, prayer picnic at Lyth Hill with other local churches.


Please also note that, on weekdays during half term, the Garden Room will be available for prayer, between 10-12 each morning for prayer. The room will not specifically be “manned”, but material to guide prayer, on the theme, “Thy Kingdom Come”, will be available.

Praying individually and in smaller groups

There are some really good resources which can be used to pray. Here are three of the best.

Novena - Nine days of prayer Praying for five friends The Spirit and the Kingdom - 9 days of prayer for the fruit of the Spirit

For more information on any of these events, contact Mike Haddaway, or go to the Thy Kingdom Come Website.


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