“Thy Kingdom Come” for Shrewsbury Churches

"Thy Kingdom Come" for Shrewsbury Churches

“Thy Kingdom Come” is the global network of prayer which now takes place each year between Ascension Day (Thursday 21st May) and Pentecost Sunday (Sunday 31st May). For the disciples who were “locked in” their homes after Jesus’ ascension, they were called to wait. And to pray for the gift of the Spirit. For us today that is our need as well.

24-7 prayer

Ten days of prayer across Shropshire

Join with many others from across Shropshire in praying during the 24-7 week of prayer. In Shrewsbury we are praying specifically from 7am on Wednesday 27th May for a 24 hours period. 

Ascension Day Service

10am on Ascension Day

Join with others from across the West Midlands, including the Anglican Diocese of Lichfield.