Update from Kids’ Moroccan Adventure

Update from Kids' Moroccan Adventure

The Amazing Moroccan Adventure has happened – and we are all still processing the time we spent with Helen, Marc and family and trekking in the Atlas Mountains.

There were surprises ….

  • It was much greener than we expected because the rainfall has been higher than normal
  • Green fields full of poppies and wild flowers were a pleasure to walk by
  • Streams to paddle in were a welcome relief during our long treks
  • The food was delicious and plentiful – cous cous, tagines, snacks, bread………..


There were many challenges…..

  • Toilets were basic and living conditions were certainly not what we were used to. We slept where we ate and as we walked through the villages and stayed in the homes we were aware of the lack of things for the local children to do.
  • Rubbish was strewn over the hillside as there were no collections in the mountains – to our environmentally aware minds this was quite shocking to see.
  • Culturally was quite difficult at time – ladies and girls were in the kitchen/cutting wheat/walking cows and goats while boys playing in the streets (mainly football) or doing chores. We didn’t see men engaged in anything particular although we are aware we had a small snapshot of life.



And we were inspired…

  • It’s a hard life but the hospitality was phenomenal – ‘what is mine is yours’ was a common phrase we heard.
  • Generosity – they had so little but whatever they had they wanted to share.
  • There was little to do but a contentment. We played with one family with a punctured ball and the simple beads and crafts we took were really appreciated. It made us think about what we have/need.
  • The way our group encouraged each other and fully engaged in what they were doing helped by Marc’s dreadful jokes was a joy to see and be part of.
  • The relationships H + M have built up with the families is incredible. Their heart to be part of this community and the lengths they go to in order to achieve this shone out of them – and the way they are received into the homes and treated as part of the family is humbling.


Our group of intrepid travellers were fantastic and coped with everything that came their way. We were so impressed with them – and they have set a very high standard should the opportunity ever arise again to lead another Moroccan Adventure!



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