Want to learn Bellringing?

Want to learn Bellringing?

A call for anyone who would like to learn bellringing


Do you hear and enjoy the sound of church bells at Meole Brace? The ringing during the period of mourning for Queen Elizabeth 2nd was beautiful and unique. Bells have been used for centuries to announce, mourn and celebrate as well as being part of the worship of the church. The bell ringers also enjoy friendship and fun as they learn and improve at their hobby.

We have successfully welcomed most of our ringers back after the pandemic and now we are ready to teach anyone (not younger than year 6) to learn this ancient exercise. It is NOT a simple thing to learn but we have experienced teachers and lovely bells. After about ten sessions you should be able to handle the bell safely and ring with others. Then the fun begins.

We expect to start teaching in January and times for sessions can be flexible. Once you have learned and are ready to join the band the practice is on Thursdays at 7.30pm and worship ringing at 10.30 on Sundays. Then there are the special events; the Coronation is on 6th May!


If you are interested contact the church office or Michael Carding (Tower Captain) or Andy Digby (Steeple Keeper).


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