Weekly Email w/b 10th May 2021

Weekly Email w/b 10th May 2021

We seem to be going from some fairly quiet months to some busy few weeks ahead. In particular you’ll find below details of our APCM this Sunday evening, and the link to the 2020 APCM report. It’s a good read, I do encourage you to take a look through it, and even better come and join us on Sunday evening at 6.30pm. You’ll also find news below of two new midweek small groups kicking off, how to join us this coming Sunday, and a reminder about Christian Aid week which is taking place this week.

Meanwhile the PM’s announcement today of further ‘lifting’ from next Monday will hopefully open up some new possibilities for many of us, and we’ll become expert at navigating some new rules and regulations. How many can now meet indoors? Outside for midweek groups? New numbers for funerals and weddings? And when, o when, might we be able to sing together in church? Let’s see how these next days and weeks go as we continue to navigate this stage of our COVID life.

As always, with our thanks and prayers as we continue to be “growing faith, proclaiming hope and living the love of Jesus.”

Phil Cansdale
Vicar of Trinity Churches and Area Dean of Shrewsbury

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Over May we continue to meet at 9am and 11am for our Sunday celebrations. We’ll be meeting in person for these two services, as well as online at 11am and with phone church. We continue to host youth and childrens work on the 1st and 3rd Sundays. And this Sunday at the 11am service we’ll be finishing outdoors with a shared communion together and a chance to sing outdoors. (weather permitting!)

In addition to that are two additional gatherings. On Ascension Day (13th May) we’ll be hosting a midweek communion at 10am, and would very much look forward to those who used to attend the midweek service pre-COVID to come as well as many others who might be looking for a (perhaps) quieter midweek service. Then on Pentecost Sunday (23rd May) we’ll be meeting outdoors in Radbrook. We start at 9.30am in the Community Centre grounds, and then after a half an hour service will be going in smaller groups to a few gardens nearby for coffee, cake and a chance to catch up. (By the way, 6th June we’re looking at a similar event on the Meole Estate.)

Please could you let us know you’re planning on coming to any of these gatherings via our website, or by phoning the Church Office on 01743 362399. Thankyou.

Let us know you’d like to come this Sunday

Come on Ascension Day (13th May)

Come on Pentecost Sunday in Radbrook Green (23rd May)

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The APCM this year takes place on Sunday 16th May 2021 at 6.30pm. We’ll be meeting exclusively online, beginning at 6.30pm. A
s usual we’ll be looking back over the year 2020, a year like no other! We’ll be having an update on current discussions about vision and values, and looking ahead to some of the opportunities opening up for us across Trinity. We’ll also have the usual elections for wardens and PCC members who serve in the leadership life of the parish.


Let us know you’ll be coming to the APCM on ZOOM

Documents needed for APCM (including the 2020 report)

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One of two new midweek small groups for those looking to meet regularly with others. Taking place on Tuesday evenings, for the first few weeks we’re going to be thinking about some of the building blocks of what it means to follow Jesus using some really great material called “Discipleship Explored.” We’ll have an intro evening on Tuesday 11th May, and then the group hosts will work out when, where and how to meet after that, including juggling the joys of being online or in person.

Let us know you’re interested in the Tuesday evening group


The second of our two new midweek groups, this one taking place on Wednesday evenings. Overwhelmed? Burdened? Wondering what fullness of life looks like in this new season of COVID? We’re going to spend six weeks thinking about what living an “unhurried life” might look like. We’ll be digging into some really great material called “Ruthless Elimination of Hurry”, and taking an honest look at how some ancient practices might give us some contemporary wisdom. Starting on Wednesday 19th May this is a six week journey, on the way looking at big themes of “silence and solitude”, “sabbath”, “simplicity” and “slowing.”

Let us know you’re interested in the Wednesday evening group


Today marks the start of Christian Aid Week, one of the national and international projects which we support as a church. This is our opportunity to support Christian Aid in Prayer, in Giving and in Action. We can Pray for the Country Projects being supervised by Local Partners, who fully understand the people’s needs. We can Give financially to allow improvement of infrastructure, agriculture, health and trade to create independence and self-esteem and create self-reliance through their own efforts. We can Act to create fundraising activities to raise the finance necessary to improve lives.

Local initiatives like ‘Dribbling for Dams‘ from Bayston Hill on May 8th, walking 300,000 steps to match the distance that people have to walk to get water are some of the creative ways to replace the traditional house to house collections. Christian Aid envelopes, publicity and a devotional resource will be available to pick up from Holy Trinity Church for anyone who would like to find out more.

Go to Christian Aid Week Website

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