Weekly Email w/b 11th March 2024

Weekly Email w/b 11th March 2024

My social media feed reminded me that this week marks the 30th anniversary of women being ordained as priests in the Church of England. Whilst I doubt most of us would want to set our watches by General Synod debates, this 1994 decision opened the door to a new chapter in the life of the Church.

I’d want to recognise how grateful I am for the amazing gifts of the women priests I’ve served with here at Trinity the last 15 years. For the blessing of Fi Iddon and Valerie Pitt currently serving here. For previous curates Charlotte Gompertz and Catherine McBride, and other priests whose gifts have been nurtured here like Hannah Lins, Anastasia Lawrence, Mia Smith, Jenny Guilder and others. Through the people that they are and the gifts that they bring they have taught me so much about ministry and mission. Thank you.

In celebrating this milestone I’d also want to remind us of the beautiful call of God on each and every one of us. And in saying that I’ll try not to have my annual rant of “why do we publish lots of photos of ordinations and not regularly celebrate the everyday vocation of women and men, young and old, wherever they are.” I would want to equally honour the gifts of each and every person who live out their calling and serve God in the everyday things, ‘dog-collar’ or not. Those who find their place in God’s great renewal of all things in their little corner of His kingdom, whether that be a school, a workplace, their home, the supermarket or even down the gym. As we often put it here, a discipleship vision for “everyone, everywhere, everyday, in everything.”

So please pray in gratitude for the amazing gift of women priests who have blessed our life here in many ways, and to find find ways to encourage them! And let’s pray for each other and ourselves. With our Tuesday evening Life group for 11s-14s this week we talked about waking up each morning and saying “OK God, what are we going to do together today.” It’s not a bad place to start.

Revd Phil Cansdale (Vicar)

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This Sunday sees our spring 2024 Welcome Breakfast, and we’re looking forward to about thirty people joining in from 9am in the Trinity Centre. If you’re new – or still feeling new here – then it’s not too late to let us know you’re coming. CLICK HERE for more details.

Neville Willerton will be our speaker at the 9am and 11am gatherings, with Robert Parsons speaking at CTK and Nick Webb speaking at Holy Trinity Belle Vue. As we continue our series looking at “Amazed by Jesus” we are onto the gospel story of Jesus before Pilate.

Our evening service is at 6.30pm in the Trinity Centre. Elise and Jon Fletcher will be sharing about their ongoing work as they prepare to go back to Bangkok as a family, with Fi Iddon speaking a bit more briefly about walking with Jesus – and others – on the road to Emmaus.


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Plans are now out for our Holy Week and Easter events here at Trinity. It features a celebration of the events of Holy Week, at the time and place they actually occured… only in Meole Brace and Radbrook Green. The idea is to give people a sense of how this week – the most important week – worked out day by day.

There are different ways of joining in this:

  • regular church services will be picking up these themes and developing them
  • gathered events meet at a set time and place, plus some of these on Facebook Live
  • reflect at home are short passages of the gospels to read as the story continues.

This week we’re particularly asking people to sign up for the Maundy Thursday Evening event. We are meeting 7pm at Radbrook Community Centre, and will be sharing a simple meal of soup and bread together alongside ways to worship together and remember Jesus in bread and wine.

Find out more on our website, where you’ll find a map, full diary, and leaflet explaining much more.

Holy Week website

Sign up for Maundy Thursday evening event


We’re so thankful to the army of people who serve one another in love at our services, week in and week out. We’re having a particular emphasis on this at our 11am congregation, but there is an invitation to all of us to use our giftings to ‘join in with what God is doing.’

Take a look at this really great clip from Stephen Foster at St Aldates Oxford. It reminds us that we can please God – and serve God – in everything:

  • When you serve coffee, you aren’t plugging a gap on a list, but are part of fulfilling the biblical imperative to hospitality.
  • When we talk about working with children and young people, we aren’t asking you to fill a rota…but rather inviting you to be part of the incredible work of the kingdom among Trinity Kids and Youth, and to learn from all they have to teach us about following Jesus.

On our website you’ll now find a response form, and an idea of some of the current ways in which you might step out and serve.

Making Coffee might change your life? Youtube Link

“Your Call” website

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Our next Service of Remembering takes place on Sunday 24th March (Palm Sunday) at 3pm at Meole Brace Church. All are welcome.

It is such a privilege to walk alongside families following the death of a loved one. In the pain and dark times of bereavement, God’s gifts of faith, hope and love make such a huge difference. During the service we read out a list of names for those for whom we have taken funerals, as well as other names of those perhaps long deceased but still very much on our hearts. There are opportunities to light a candle as a sign of remembering, and to enjoy the stillness and peace of the church which has been part of people’s remembering for many, many generations. We’ll hear again of the Christian gifts of faith, hope and love. And we’ll finish with refreshments at the back of church hosted by our team.

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Our next “praying for the world” event is on Tuesday 19th March, 745pm to 845pm in the Trinity Centre.

There’s a lot going on in our world at the moment, and it can seem difficult to know where to begin as we come to God in prayer. Hosted by members of our Mission, Relief and Development Committee, this is an opportunity to meet with others as we pray for the world. Whether you’ve a particular people group or place on your heart, are troubled or excited about what’s going on, or simply don’t know where to start…. all are welcome.

Our monthly Prayer Time for our work with Children and Families takes place on 21st March, 8pm – 8.40pm on ZOOM. Contact Cerys Hughes for more information.

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Sorry, this is one for Trinity Youth only. We’ll be meeting Friday 22nd March in the Trinity Centre, kicking off at 7pm. We’ve already been in touch with young people about this, but this serves as a reminder. Sign up below in the usual way…

Let us know you’re coming…

One of Holy Trinity Belle Vue’s Mission Partners is Sierra Foundation for Life Skills. They work to transform lives through Christ’s love in action, bringing hope to the people of Sierra Leone.

We’d love to extend an invitation on Saturday 23rd March from 7pm at Belle Vue Church. Come see and hear highlights of the recent trip to Sierra Leone with Sarah and Sandra. Light refreshments provided, and donations to “Sierra Foundation for Life Skills” If you’d like to attend contact the Church Office.

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