Weekly Email w/b 11th October 2021

Weekly Email w/b 11th October 2021

I read this week about Danish artist Jens Haaning, who was loaned £60,000 in bank notes by an art museum to reproduce his work “An Average Danish income” which featured the notes fixed to a canvas. But inspiration struck, and Haaning pocketed the money instead and sent back an empty frame called “Take the money and run!” I gather the museum opted to show the artwork anyway, but are threatening legal action if the dosh isn’t returned soon!

At harvest time we often think about “all good things” sent from heaven above, which includes our money and so much more. And a couple of our Sunday HOLY HABITS series features living with generous hearts and sharing with others gladly and freely. These are important spiritual disciplines, and ones we continue to need demonstrated as a local church wanting to bless our community these next months. Read on for more from Rob Surl who heads up our Stewardship Team, and a better approach to life than “take the money and run.”

Meanwhile what a fantastic time was had with Apple Day, Scarecrow Trails and Quiz nights last weekend. And this Sunday we’re going to be talking about serving, affirming the many different areas of life in which people serve in the church and community, and particularly asking those who haven’t considered it before to step up and get involved here at Trinity. There are particular needs at this stage of our COVID journey for people to get involved. Might that be you?

With our thanks, and prayers, as always, as together we seek to be “growing faith, proclaiming hope and living the love of Jesus.”

Grace and peace

Phil Cansdale

Vicar of Trinity Churches and Area Dean of Shrewsbury

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Sunday 17th October sees our services taking place at 9am and 11am at Holy Trinity as usual. Meanwhile there’s also a service and brunch at Radbrook Community Centre at 9.30am hosted by Phil, Keith, Amal, and others. We’re going to have an opportunity to be talking and praying about our shared life in Radbrook Green.

Then at 6.30pm we are gathering in the Trinity Centre, trialling meeting on the 1st and 3rd Sundays of each month with the hope to return to a weekly gathering from January 2022. (October 3rd and 17th, November 7th and 21st, December 5th and then something Christmas-shaped on 19th)

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At harvest time we often sing the great classic hymn “Great is thy faithfulness!”. One person confided that he could never sing: “Thou changest not, thy compassions they fail not” without tears welling up! Why? – because it’s so true! God never fails us, even as we go through difficult times! And we can sing: “All I have needed Thy hand hath provided“, with our hands on our hearts!

But – now here’s a thought – could we sing it with our hands on our wallets? Do we trust God enough to give something back? Any farmer will tell you that each harvest is different. Like fields of wheat battered by a late summer rain, our church finances and Trinity Centre income in particular have taken a battering during the pandemic. Yet God has provided for all our needs in a lean year. Are we now ready to trust him and give even more generously in the year ahead?

There’s lots of information about giving on our website or you can speak in confidence to Rob Surl or any member of our Stewardship team.

Find out more about giving to Trinity Churches


Living in Love and Faith is a conversation churches and Christians all across the Church of England are having at the moment. How do we listen, learn and work together in some of the important areas of relationships, marriage, sexuality and identity? And what does it mean to live in love and faith together as a Church?

At Trinity we will be hosting a five session course on Wednesday evenings using the really excellent study materials. Starting Wednesday 3rd November we want to be learning together, listening to one another, and discerning what “growing faith, proclaiming hope and living the love of Jesus” means in these important areas. We’re asking people to register if they’re interested in attending. So find out more – and book on – below.

Find out more about Living in Love and Faith


There’s something really important about finding ways of saying “count me in” to God and to the life of the Church. We’d love to help people to do that. Bishop Sarah, the Bishop of Shrewsbury, will be with us on Advent Sunday, 28th November. At our mid-morning gathering that day we’re having a service of baptisms and confirmations.

For those who haven’t already been baptised – either as babies or older – baptism for young people and adults is an amazing opportunity to commit to following Jesus and to live as life-long and whole-life disciples of Christ. Before the big day there will be opportunities to meet together to check out what this means, and to support you as you take a step of faith.

is for those who have been baptised already, particularly as babies. It gives people an opportunity to “confirm” for themselves their commitment to follow Jesus and be part of the life of the church, and for your church family to pray for you and cheer you on as part of God’s amazing family here and across the world.

To let us know you’re interested in being baptised or confirmed please answer the questions below, and we’ll then be in touch with you about ‘next steps’ to get ready for November 28th. And if you want to chat further, do talk in particular to Phil, Fi or Craig and we’d love to meet up….

Let us know you’re interested….



Cafe Connect is open 9am to 4pm Mondays to Fridays, plus Saturday mornings. You’ll not only find good drinks and great snacks available but also a listening ear and a prayerful presence. Did you know that we meet to pray in the Cafe on Friday mornings from 8.30am till 9am? Come along and join us, we’d love to see you.

Meanwhile CLOISTERS cafe continues on Tuesday mornings 10am to 12pm only. We’ve found our new autumn home at the back of Holy Trinity Church. Whether you’ve been a regular or not yet found your way there yet, we’d love to see you.


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