Weekly Email w/b 14th March 2022

Weekly Email w/b 14th March 2022

You have probably heard the statement ‘We don’t go to church… we are the Church!’ The point being that church is not just a building, but it is a group of people dedicated to following Jesus. Better still, it is a family.

Over the last few weeks I have been watching the reboot of ‘Lost in Space’ on Netflix. The Robinson family, along with a whole host of other astronauts, get knocked off course and end up being, you guessed it, lost in space. The Robinsons pull together, pool their knowledge and skills, and consistently save their fellow travellers. Now into the third season it has got to the point where everyone looks to the Robinsons for a solution to their problems. A few times people have even said, ‘You’ll know what to do – after all, you’re a Robinson.”

As we watch the unbelievable and heart breaking world events unfold, it is quite easy to feel small, alone, helpless…lost? Yet I have been so encouraged by ‘The Church’, how the family of God have leapt into action; Praying, ministering, sending aid, and much more.My prayer is that as events unfold, no matter what comes, that we as a church (local and global) will pool our skills, knowledge, resources, and creativity in order to engage with the crisis in the Ukraine, as well as to bless people locally. And who knows, perhaps some will start to turn to us and say, “You’ll know what to do – after all, you’re sons and daughters of the living God!”

Keith Moore, Pioneer Community Minister

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Thank you for all those who have expressed support for all that is going on in the Ukraine. A brief update includes:

Hosting. This evening I’ve received the first direct enquiry from an extended family grouping from Kyiv who are hoping to come to the Shropshire area. Could you help? Or do you know of others who might be able to? Alongside registering via the government website it would be helpful to know directly if there are particular people within the extended ‘family’ of Trinity who are currently offering rooms, an empty property, furniture or particular targeted support. Could you please complete our online form if this is something you have registered for and are interested in.

Giving. Thank you for those who’ve already contributed to our Ukraine giving fund. For those wanting to give through church we’re offering to match donations up to £2,500. We’re going to be supporting the work of the DEC – the network of national charities on the ground – alongside BreadTrust who are a long-established charity based at Barnabas Church here in Shrewsbury working directly with Christians and the Church in Ukraine. There are special envelopes at the back of church if giving by cash or cheque. Or you can give online through your bank or via our website, though do please let the office know it’s for UKRAINE and we’ll make sure your gift gets there.

Prayer. We will of course continue to find ways to pray during our Sunday services and midweek gatherings, and want to share resources where we can to help others continue in prayer. 24-7 Prayer has a number of good resources which we recommend. As below.

Learning. One of the ideas which bubbled up this week was to learn some Ukrainian phrases. Duolingo is an online app which suggests five minutes a day to pick up the basics of a new language. Why not give it a go!

Online form about offering support

DEC Appeal

BreadTrust – working with the church and Christians in Ukraine

Sanctuary Foundation with Krish Kandiah

24-7 prayer resources to pray for Ukraine

Duolingo Language Learning


An event for Trinity Women. On Saturday 26th March we’ll begin with a continental breakfast and time to be with friends old and new. We’ll then have some space to worship and pray, and to be “still and know” with God. We’ll also have opportunities to be quiet, to get creative, and to enjoy being together. We start at 9am, and will finish by 11.30am. More details from Amal Moore, or let us know you’re coming via the website or Church Office.

Women’s Chill Morning

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We’ve released our latest guidelines around “Next Steps on our COVID journey.” These will be displayed around Church to support visitors and all who worship with us at Trinity. It recognises that the lifting of most regulations is good news, but – particularly given quite a few of our Trinity family currently have COVID – it also notes how we all have a part to play in keeping each other safe and well, especially those who are more vulnerable or are feeling more cautious.

There will be slightly different arrangements with distanced seating at different services. Please ask the stewards or follow instructions as you arrive. We’re also trialling having some suitably polite signs which you can put on a seat next to you asking for greater distance around you.

Our next newcomers event has a family-feel to it. Coming up on Sunday 10th April, we are inviting people to lunch in the Trinity Centre. This is for all those who are new here, or still feeling new. Do let us know if you are able to come by chatting to one of the team today or signing up online.

Newcomers Lunch on 10th April

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The Electoral roll is a really important way of saying “I belong” to the life of the church, both locally and nationally. It seeks to be an indication of the strength of church life, recording the amazing family of God who make up churches across England seeking to be a Christian presence in every community.

You can now fill in the electrical roll online. So if you’re not currently on the roll then we’d love to encourage you to consider joining. You’ll find more details on the website, and by clicking below can fill in and sign the necessary form. If you have any questions or concerns then please do contact the Church Office in the usual way.

Find Out more about the Electoral Roll

Complete the Electoral Roll Online


We’re offering children, young people and adults the opportunity to be baptised on Sunday 17th April as part of the 11am mid morning gathering. For most people you won’t have been baptised before, and this will be an amazing opportunity to more fully live out your faith as someone baptised. For others you might have been baptised as a baby and then have found a deep and living faith as an adult, so we’d explore with you about “renewing your baptism vows”. Interested? Talk to one of the staff team, or let us know and we’d love to continue the conversation.

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