Weekly Email w/b 17th January 2022

Weekly Email w/b 17th January 2022

I don’t know whether you have had chance to see any of “Superman and Lois” on BBC IPlayer recently? It has been my choice viewing. This series sees Clark Kent (aka Superman – I can never understand how no one recognises Clark Kent as Superman – the glasses aren’t a great disguise…) married with twin children, which is perhaps where the similarities I share with him end…

Together Lois and Superman fight off all kinds of alien attacks and Superman uses his supernatural power to overcome evil. So far, so good. Easy, when you wield that much power. Equally, life must be easy for the twin sons with a father so powerful right? But the reality is not always quite so simple…the Kent’s sons face ridicule, doubt, dilemmas, isolation, confusion and pain.

We have a Father in heaven so powerful and yet things don’t always feel alright. I recently went to a music concert and the words that reverberated most across the hall were the words ‘Are we gonna be alright?’ words shaped and moulded by the experiences of the last two years as well as our constant experiences of life. Grief shared.

On Sunday Fi spoke so eloquently of how Elijah was called by God to challenge Ahab and of how he announced the drought across Israel. But Elijah, the one seeking to pursue God and rely on His power and goodness is not immune, he is still acutely affected by the drought. Parched. Poor. I wonder how hard it was for Elijah to trust in God in this moment. Faced with ridicule, doubt, dilemmas, isolation, confusion and pain. I wonder if Elijah uttered the words ‘Am I gonna be alright?’

Of course, we know the end of this tale, God’s miraculous provision, food brought by ravens no less. The picture painted poignantly in one of our church windows (try and spot it next time you are in church building!). But what about prior to the denouement?

We hold tight to hope and long expectantly for the God of immense power and goodness to come and restore all things. To reach into our pain and provide.


Craig Silcock
Youth & Young Adult Minister

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An event for those who are new – or still feeling new – at Trinity. We’ll start at 7.45pm, and over coffee, cake and similar we’ll have some time together to get to know each other better, meet some of the team here at Trinity, and to hear something about the wider life of the church. Do please let us know please you’re coming, and we’ll start ordering the cakes! We look forward to you being with us.

Let us know you’re coming to the Spring Welcome Event


Next some really good news about ways in which we are supporting education in Africa, and how the generous legacy of Pat Wedge will be making a huge difference in the lives of children and communities there.

Our partnership with Fiwila in Zambia has now come to an end, and from here on we’ll be supporting three innovative projects which will have a lasting impact. Vinjeru school in Zambia will benefit from a new classroom block and bursaries for children unable to access education, and Red Earth Education will be equipping teacher training in Uganda.

We look forward to hearing more about how this support continues to make a difference, and how the generous gift of Pat Wedge in her will is continuing to be a blessing to generations ahead.

Find out more about where the support will go

Leaving a gift in your will to Trinity Churches


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Six o’clock Live has now begun again, taking place at 6pm each evening, Monday to Friday. We meet for twenty minutes on Facebook, and each evening includes prayers, Bible reading, and a chance to pause and ponder together.

Over the next few weeks we’ve returned to the “HOLY HABITS” resources which we used a bit last year. We’re currently looking at the habit of prayer, and ways in which some of the prayers in the Bible might shape and encourage our prayers for today. If you’ve never joined us before then we’d love you to do so, either “live” or catching up later. You’ll find us via the front page of our website, or on Facebook “Trinity Churches Shrewsbury”.

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A reminder of our Sunday service themes over the next couple of months. Don’t forget you can catch up with some of these services online – or join with them later on – via our Facebook page at “Trinity Churches Shrewsbury”.

In the morning congregations we’ll be looking at Elijah. He is a kind of Old Testament superhero, who spoke out and lived boldly. And yet we also see human frailty and brokenness. Although Elijah lived in a very different time and context to ours there are many lessons from his life for us today. We see him get replenished and sustained by God, and in a period of national darkness and struggle we see the character of someone who chose to follow the living God. You’ll find the whole story of Elijah from 1 Kings 17 to 2 Kings 2, in particular 1 Kings 17-19 where you get the most well known episodes of his life.

In the evening congregation we’re going to be looking the theme of “Beautiful Community” through the lens of Revelation chapters 2-3. These chapters – and the letters to the seven churches – feel like a spiritual health-check, discovering something of what Jesus might say to the Church – and to us – today. If tech allows we’re hoping to be able to livestream, and record, some of our evening services. So if you’d like to be with us but can’t attend in person we hope you’ll be able to catch up…

Meanwhile a reminder that we continue to meet for a monthly celebration in Radbrook Green, taking place this month on 16th January at 10.30am.

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Whatever our new year resolutions – and diets? – we hope there’s still space for doing life together over a cup of coffee and around a meal table. Alongside small groups, growing friendships and looking out for people who live locally here are three opportunities you can do that with us at Trinity over the next weeks.

Café Connect is our church-run coffee shop at the heart of the Radbrook community offering great food, good value and a warm welcome. We want to be a place where faith is lived, hope is offered, and God’s love can be shared. Open six days a week and staffed by a team of volunteers, the cafe offers good food and a warm welcome. Join us for drinks, snacks and light lunches to eat in or take away.

Cloisters Cafe opens for business once more on Tuesday 11th January. During the winter months we’re open on Tuesday mornings in the back of church, and so if you’re looking for a warm welcome, drinks and cakes in a beautiful surrounding, and the company of friends old and new then we’d love you to join us.

Trinity Table
is our regular lunch club for people from across the local community. It takes place on Tuesdays from 12.30pm in the Trinity Centre. To help with capacity we’re having two Trinity Tables each month, with people able to attend one of these.

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How do questions about identity, sexuality, relationships and marriage fit within the bigger picture of the good news of Jesus Christ? What does it mean to live in love and faith together as a Church?

About 25 of us took part in the “Living in Love and Faith” course in November. It was highly stimulating and deeply thought-provoking, and we’re looking forward to some of us having a catch-up in a few weeks time.

Meanwhile we’re helping to host the course for churches from across Shrewsbury, starting in February on Wednesday 9th February at ChristChurch Bayston Hill. Each evening will be hosted by a couple of leaders, and include video resources, bible study, and time in smaller groups.

More details and sign-up

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