Weekly Email w/b 17th July 2023

Weekly Email w/b 17th July 2023

We’ve just enjoyed the July edition of “Expresso”, our monthly caffeine-shot of thinking about discipleship and mission. Twenty minutes long, you can watch it via our website at www.trinitychurches.org/expresso.

This month Keith and Fi were talking about “how to grow your faith on holiday”, and how whatever you’re up to you can put things into your days and weeks to grow your faith in Jesus. We joked about Keith’s ability to have some fairly disastrous holidays, but also reflected on how ‘whatever we do’ we can do it for the glory of God. That can include being on holiday together, whether that’s in Bala, Bognor, Berlin or Barbados.

I was particularly struck by what Keith said about “using the time to feed your soul.” That feels like great advice, and how we can each put in deliberate things into the rhythm of our lives to cultivate a soul that is healthy and a heart that is alert to the things of God. I wonder what that might look like for you? Find some quiet each day? Take a well-read book that has spoken to you in the past and read it again? Tune into a podcast from a church or speaker you trust? Make a conscious effort to enjoy creation, and to marvel at the Creator? These and many more might be ways of topping up your soul as well as your suntan, and at a time when many of us could do with some rest finding the depth of our rest in God.

Meanwhile read on for a few of the different things coming up over the summer weeks. As always, join us and join in.

Phil Cansdale (Vicar)

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In our morning congregations we are on the third week of our new summer series looking at some of the parables that Jesus told. Phil Cansdale is speaking at the 9am, CTK and the 11am, whilst Fi Iddon and Charles Ruxton will be hosting the gathering at Belle Vue. Meanwhile in the evening Phil Cansdale will be speaking as we continue to look at the book of Acts, and ‘postcards from the early church.’ This week we get to building a community where everyone gets involved, and people step forward to serve. This feels particularly timely at the moment!

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This year’s Fun in the Sun is underway. We had a great time last weekend with the CTK summer party at the Moores and also the 9am congregation tea party chez Pitt. Events coming up this week include the Safari Supper for Trinity youth, followed in a fortnight by the Barmouth Trip. We’ve just booked an additional coach for this, so there’s potentially still more room for those who would like to come. At £15 a head it is really great value, which includes fish and chips.

Coming up later in August are pudding party, picnic in the park, and summer walk, though the Tapas evening has been postponed. You’ll find out more details of each of these – and sign up where appropriate – on our website.

Fun in the Sun Events

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Holiday at Home is our wonderful annual event, where you are invited to come for three relaxing days of fun and activities. Bingo, quizzes, thought for the day, a delicious lunch, as well as afternoon tea and live entertainment.The third day (Wednesday 2nd August) is a day trip to Barmouth, including fish and chips! You can come for all three days, or just choose to come to one or two days. What ever you decide – you definitely don’t want to miss it!

Register for Holiday at Home


Advance notice about “Ride and Stride” taking place on Saturday 9th September. This is an annual opportunity for local churches to throw open their doors and say “welcome”. Whether on two wheels, four wheels or two legs, it’s a great way for people to visit some of Shropshire’s stunning church buildings. It also raises funds for National Churches Trust (NCT) who support local church projects, and people are often sponsored to cycle / walk / drive round as many churches as they can. Listen out for notices to find out more, or speak to Gill Madley or the Church Office.



We’re just launching plans for a day-trip to Hereford on Tuesday 26th September. We’ll be visiting the stunning Hampton Court Gardens & Castle, and enjoying a guided tour of the 15th century castle and access to the gardens. We’ll then make our way to Hereford Cathedral where we’ll have tea together alongside joining in with their sung Evensong. Tickets are available for £34, either online by clicking below or by contacting the Church Office. Please book early as numbers may be limited.

Trip to Hereford


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The July / August edition of Trinity Life is now out. Pick up a copy from church, Trinity Centre or Cafe Connect. Or take a sneak preview online. You’ll find details of “Fun in the Sun” and some of the other events taking place over the summer, as well as latest news, an update on the Trinity Centre, and ways to get involved.

Trinity Life (July and August)

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