Weekly Email w/b 17th October 2022

Weekly Email w/b 17th October 2022

At some preaching training I did at church a few weeks back, we were asked ‘if you could only have one topic to preach on, what would it be?’. It’s an interesting question isn’t it?

I think it captured my imagination for several reasons. Firstly, God births passions in us, and everyone will have different passions. Passion can drive us to all sorts of places and decisions.

Secondly it encourages us to focus in on one thing. At the riskier end we might feel driven to throw cans of soup at famous pieces of artwork; or go to great lengths to pursue ‘growth’ in the economy. Businesses and organisations work tirelessly to come up with concise, specific straplines and statements to help realise their purpose. In the muddy waters of life, it can be hard stay focussed on one thing, life can feel frenetic and cyclical and sometimes it can feel like we are meeting ourselves coming back.

During some of life’s crazier moments. Emily and I have often returned to a familiar and encouraging refrain. “What is the most important thing? That God loves us, and we love one another.” Everything else flows from this. I think it is no coincidence that the first two commandments are a call to love God and to love others. God set’s this as the foundation of all other things. I find this both comforting and challenging but hope it brings you hope this week.

Craig Silcock
(Youth Minister)


September / October copy of Trinity Life


This last Sunday we launched our Blessed to be a Blessing initiative. Across our local community households are being hit hard by rising prices and financial concerns. At church our costs are also rising, and for some time now we have not been able to cover all our day-to-day running costs from regular income.

In the light of these challenges we’re inviting people to consider how they can give their time, their gifts and their money to bless others. You don’t have to be rich to be generous, and so we’re asking everyone to consider what their response might look like.

As part of this we’re also renewing a “Cost of Living” fund, fuelled by 25% of any new or increased giving to the church. This will go towards individuals, families and specific projects to support people and communities over these next months. If you, or someone you know, are seeking support please be in touch with us.

Find out more on our B2B website, or by picking up a leaflet in church. And more details each Sunday for the next few weeks.

Blessed to be a Blessing Website

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This Sunday Sarah Rozenthuler will be speaking at the 9am and 11am services at Holy Trinity, and Phil Cansdale will be speaking at the 1030 service at CTK. We are focussing on the words “The Lord give you his peace”. Children and youth work – ie Creche, Trinity Kids and Trinity Youth – continues in the usual manner as part of the 11am gathering, as well as the 11am service being both in the building and online.

At the 630pm evening service Alex Cama will be speaking as we continue to reflect around “Questions Jesus Asked.” We are going to be looking at the well-trod path of the Good Samaritan.


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Twice a year we host a service of remembering. This is an occasion to hold before God loved ones who have died, whether recently or a long time ago. At the service we read out a list of names, light candles, and have a chance to hear something of faith, hope and love even in the place of death. All are welcome.

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The next Big Sunday Lunch takes place on Sunday 6th November. Want to join a group who get together every couple of months to share a meal and “do life” together on a Sunday lunchtime? Suitable for all ages and ‘stages’, and whether old-timer or newcomer, you’d be very welcome. We’re looking for people to be part of a group and could bring some food or drinks to help out, and others who would consider hosting a group on a ‘rota’ basis.

If you’re already in a group then you should have contact from the group host to let you know details. If you’re not in a group – or not quite sure what to do – then let us know and we’ll match you up with some people locally.

Big Sunday Lunch Sign-up

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On Sunday we’ll be opening sign-ups for our week of 24-7 prayer, taking place 20th to 27th November. If you’d like to be part of a team doing some planning – creative and practical – we would love to hear from you. Contact Charles Ruxton or Phil Cansdale for more info. Thanks.

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In wider church news, there have been some changes to the ‘shape’ and leadership of Shrewsbury deanery over these last few months. Phil Cansdale has stepped back from his role as Area Dean. And Fi Iddon was licensed as one of two new Assistant Area Deans in a service earlier this week, work she takes on alongside her role as Associate Vicar here at Trinity and as Chaplain to University Centre Shrewsbury. Do please be praying for her as she picks up this new responsibility!


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