Weekly email. w/b 18th January 2021

Weekly email. w/b 18th January 2021

On a dull day, we remind ourselves that we are still in the depths of winter. It’s cold and it’s dark, and all around us conspires to keep us wrapped up warm in our homes. We should expect it to be so – we are barely a month after the shortest day.

But venture out into the garden or the churchyard, and we discover that signs of spring are refusing to be shut in. Daffodil leaves and snowdrops are pushing through the cold earth – (and did I see rhubarb?) Birds are becoming more excited and there have been several viewings at the nesting boxes. Spring is surely not so far away.

The Christian message is one of hope – hope of resurrection, even in the darkest of times. But sometimes, in order to find hope, we need to step outside where we are and listen for the whispers of spring – God’s resurrection call to a waiting world. Death has been swallowed up in victory!


Revd Valerie Pitt, Associate Minister

Image (c) Charlie Mackesy. If you havent yet found it do look out for the amazing book “The boy, the mole, the fox and the horse.” You’ll also find him reading it on BBC iPlayer by clicking here.


These are tough days for many people, and lots of us find ourselves in need of help and support. As a local church we pray regularly for the local community we serve, and we would love to pray for you, your family or friends. These requests will be shared with a small chosen group of people from Trinity Churches who have offered to pray regularly for others.

Let us know how we can pray for you

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Pyjama Church kicks the day off at 9.30am with half an hour of story, worship and prayer from the Messy Church team. There are also various children and youth meet-ups as Sunday goes on which are hosted by Judith and Craig, as well as midweek gatherings. Do chat to them for more details.

10.30am sees our mid morning gathering, livestreamed from Holy Trinity Church. This features worship, various contributions by people from across Trinity Churches, and a chance to pray with each other. This Sunday sees week four of “The Bible Series – Experience a better story” as we look at how the big story of the Bible can inspire and equip us to live as God’s people. At the end of that we meet for post-church coffee over ZOOM which can be a great place to connect up with people and chat informally.

We had a great time last night for our monthly Sunday evening gathering. We next meet together on Sunday 21st February.

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Join us for online coffee

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Are there things we can be doing to support you? And how might we help you support people who are part of your neighbourhood? There are various ways in which we might be doing this:

  • Want to meet together with a small group of people? There are a number of groups who are meeting across Shrewsbury and beyond, though obviously online at the moment. Some are following our Sunday series looking at the big story of the Bible.
  • Looking for a listening ear? There are a number of people with experience and willingness to pick up the phone and chat to those for whom that would be helpful. We’re reactivating the phone networks across the congregations for those who are feeling most vulnerable or might be lonely at the moment.
  • Wondering how to make ends meet? We work with Shrewsbury Food Hub, Shrewsbury Food Bank, and various other local networks to support households who are struggling. As vicar I do also have a discretionary pot of money which might be available to help if there are particular needs locally.
  • Looking to connect children and young people up with others? Our youth and childrens teams host various midweek and Sunday meet-ups for different ages and stages, and so alongside home learning we’d love to offer that opportunity to families locally.

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Want to join in but don’t have any gadgets? Whether for you or those you know, we are continuing our weekly “dial-a-service” from Trinity Churches on 01743 298249. This is a local-rate call number, and the service features a welcome, some beautiful music, a reading and reflection, and some prayers. Each week is hosted by one of the team here, with contributions from others where we can.

We’re also recommending the national “Daily Hope” phone service on 0800 804 8044.


Our daily 6pm gathering where we hear scripture, reflect, worship and pray. It lasts for about 20 minutes, and there’s a lovely sense of community and meeting together. All are very welcome to join us, either “live” at 6pm itself or catching up sometime after that.

During January and February 2020 we’re going to be following the Bible Society’s material “The Bible – experience a better story” which over seven weeks will give us a glimpse of the big story of the Bible. At a time when our own stories can feel fragile and fractured, it’s good to be reminded of a bigger and better story of our own, and the hope of God being at work.

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