Weekly Email w/b 18th March 2024

Weekly Email w/b 18th March 2024

I gather from Rachel Cama that they told the story of the the “Very Hungry Caterpillar” at Trinity Tots Radbrook this morning. There were 30+ children and their families enjoying this beloved bedtime story. Who else has read it?

There was – of course – one of those “end of story” links between a well known story and the life of Jesus. The caterpillar goes into his cocoon and comes out a butterfly, from a dark and sad place to one of light and life. Or, as we sing in the song, “From the cross to the grave, from the grave to the sky, Lord I lift your name on high.” There’s something about transformation, a new beginning and a fresh start in life which can make the best of stories for all ages of life and stages of faith.

We’d love you to come and join us over these next ten days as we tell the story of Holy Week and Easter together. You’ll find us “walking and talking” through the pivotal events of Easter, and giving people on the way a deeper sense of how this week of weeks unfolded. You’ll find full details, diary, map etc of how this works out below. I know how easy it is to become over-familiar with the story of Easter, and we hope that by doing things a bit differently this year we’ll each have the opportunity to see things afresh.

We look forward to walking together. Grace and peace

Revd Phil Cansdale (Vicar)

“Very Hungry Caterpillar” image Copyright Eric Carle. www.eric-carle.com

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This Sunday is Palm Sunday. Phil Cansdale will be our speaker at the 9am and 11am gatherings, with Shirley Stevens speaking at CTK and Fi Iddon speaking at Holy Trinity Belle Vue. As we continue our series looking at “Amazed by Jesus” we arrive at those pivotal last hours before the crucifixion. It’s good to be making this journey together.

At the 11am service Trinity Kids (age 3-11) will once again be outdoors using the wonders of creation to help us discover more about God. This week we will be exploring the sights, sounds and smells(!) of Palm Sunday. We intend to be outdoors whatever the weather, so please ensure that your child has a coat and suitable footwear. Under 3’s are welcome to bring an adult along and join in the fun too, although the creche room will be open if you prefer to stay warm and dry!

At 3pm we host our twice-yearly Service of Remembering at 3pm taking place at Meole Brace Church. See below. And then our evening service is at 6.30pm in the Trinity Centre. Alex Aldous is our speaker as we reach the penultimate session in our “Ten Passages that tell it all” series looking at the big story of the Bible.


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Plans are now out for our Holy Week and Easter events here at Trinity. It features a celebration of the events of Holy Week, at the time and place they actually occured… only in Meole Brace and Radbrook Green. The idea is to give people a sense of how this week – the most important week – worked out day by day.

There are different events each day of Holy Week, with regular church services, gathered events, and chances to reflect at home. Read more online, but briefly:

  • Palm Sunday walk leaves Bayston Hill at 9.45am. Wellies definitely recommended!
  • Monday to Wednesday mornings at 8.40am, and then evening ‘catch up’ and communion at 7pm
  • Thursday morning walk as we prepare for the Passover and continue our walk through the week
  • Thursday evening Last Supper at 7pm in Radbrook Community Centre, and will be sharing a simple meal of soup and bread together alongside ways to worship together and remember Jesus in bread and wine. To help with catering can you let us know that you are coming please….
  • Friday morning gathering include 9.30am at Meole Brace and at CTK, and then the hour at the cross service at 3pm.
  • Easter Sunday Sunrise Service begins at 6.30am, this year taking place around Longden Road Cemetery chapel which – on our Holy Week journey – doubles up as the empty tomb. Please note we won’t be meeting like we usually do in the gardens at Meole Brace. And that the clocks go forward for summer that morning!
  • Easter Day continues with services at 9am, 11am and 630pm at Meole Brace, 1030am at CTK and 1030am at Belle Vue.

Find out more on our website, where you’ll find a map, full diary, and leaflet explaining much more.

Holy Week website

Sign up for Maundy Thursday evening event

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This time of year we always begin talking about the Electoral Roll a bit more. This isis a really important way of saying “I belong” to the life of the church, both locally and nationally. It seeks to be an indication of the strength of church life, recording the amazing family of God who make up churches across England seeking to be a Christian presence in every community.

Joining the electoral roll also opens up the way for greater involvement in the life of the church, at deanery, diocesan and national events. You become entitled to vote at the Annual Parish Church meeting, and become eligible to join the church committees and PCC.

Find out more? And sign up online for yourself. Click below.

Find out more about the Electoral Roll

Join the Electoral Roll today

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Our next Service of Remembering takes place on Sunday 24th March (Palm Sunday) at 3pm at Meole Brace Church. All are welcome.

It is such a privilege to walk alongside families following the death of a loved one. In the pain and dark times of bereavement, God’s gifts of faith, hope and love make such a huge difference. During the service we read out a list of names for those for whom we have taken funerals, as well as other names of those perhaps long deceased but still very much on our hearts. There are opportunities to light a candle as a sign of remembering, and to enjoy the stillness and peace of the church which has been part of people’s remembering for many, many generations. We’ll hear again of the Christian gifts of faith, hope and love. And we’ll finish with refreshments at the back of church hosted by our team.


We’re so thankful to the army of people who serve one another in love at our services, week in and week out. We’re having a particular emphasis on this at our 11am congregation, but there is an invitation to all of us to use our giftings to ‘join in with what God is doing.’

Take a look at this really great clip from Stephen Foster at St Aldates Oxford. It reminds us that we can please God – and serve God – in everything:

  • When you serve coffee, you aren’t plugging a gap on a list, but are part of fulfilling the biblical imperative to hospitality.
  • When we talk about working with children and young people, we aren’t asking you to fill a rota…but rather inviting you to be part of the incredible work of the kingdom among Trinity Kids and Youth, and to learn from all they have to teach us about following Jesus.

On our website you’ll now find a response form, and an idea of some of the current ways in which you might step out and serve.

Making Coffee might change your life? Youtube Link

“Your Call” website

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In addition to our events locally and across our life at Trinity Good Friday can also be an opportunity to join with other Christians from across the town and beyond. This year’s Walk of Witness starts from 10am at St Mary’s, walking down Pride Hill and finishing in the Square. Refreshments will be served afterwards at St Alkmund’s. All are welcome to join in.

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