Weekly Email w/b 1st Spril 2024

Weekly Email w/b 1st Spril 2024

Thanks so much to everyone who joined in our Holy week and Easter celebrations over the last few days. It was great to join together in different places and different ways to tell the ‘story of stories’ at the heart of the Christian faith, and to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus.

I know I’m not the only one to feel pretty tired in the days that followed Easter weekend. And so I write to remind myself and the rest of us that the story continues from here. This isn’t just caused by the social media a friend of mine picked up about Easter eggs having been on the shelves since Christmas disappearing on Easter Monday. No. It is something far deeper than that, the reminder that each and every day can be a new beginning, a day of forgiveness, of grace, of hope.

We’re singing a song at the all-age celebration this Sunday called “Easter doesn’t stop”, going through Friday, Saturday and Sunday being the next part of the Easter story. The final verse reminds us of how the story continues:

Easter is a new beginning
to fix what’s broken in this world,
sing it loud today, Jesus made a way,
Easter doesn’t stop here.

Read on for various ways in which we’d love to be supporting you to live that out. Join with others in worship on a Sunday. Come and do the “ALIVE” course, for both adults and young people. Gather with others for the RESOUND WORSHIP concert, or at the musicians evening. Keep telling, and keep living, the story of Jesus.

Grace and peace… as always

Revd Phil Cansdale (Vicar)

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It’s the week after Easter, and Nick Webb will be speaking at our 9am and CTK celebrations. Meanwhile at 11am the all age team will be hosting an Easter gathering as we continue to live out the Easter story and think about what it means to follow in Peter’s footsteps and live a life of love. Phil Cansdale is our speaker in the evening service as we begin a few weeks looking at those who met with Jesus after the resurrection.

At Holy Trinity Belle Vue there is Messy Church at 9am hosted by the team, and then Keith Moore is our speaker at 1030am.

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We’re so excited that RESOUND WORSHIP will be coming to Meole Brace as part of their 2024 tour on Saturday 18th May.

As a church we’ve really benefitted from Resound over these last few years, and particularly during lockdown they became a ‘staple diet’ of our Sunday worship and midweek six o’clock live. We’re so pleased that as a full band they’ll be coming for a live concert, and sharing some of their latest work with us and many others.

We’ll be encouraged both to listen to the songs and to join in together, embracing songs of struggle and sadness before God as well as looking out from beyond the struggle to a sure and certain hope.

More details – and book in

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Our latest version of Trinity Life is out this weekend, Easter Day. Covering April and May, it’s got some of the really great events coming up in the life of the church, including the ALIVE course, latest news, Sunday sermon series, Pentecost prayer etc. Pick up a copy on Sunday, and take a sneak preview online by clicking below.

April and May 2024 Trinity Life

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ALIVE is a five part series inviting people to ask some of the big questions about the Easter story and the Christian faith.

Starting on Wednesday 17th April we’re going to be taking a look at some of the people who had a life-changing encounter with Jesus after the resurrection. Mary by Jesus’ tomb, the friends on the road to Emmaus, doubting Thomas… each encounter reveals how Jesus reaches out to people at their place of need. With video input and plenty of time for discussion, we’ll be looking at topics like love, hope, peace, freedom and purpose.

Meanwhile some of the older young people will be following the youth version of ALIVE beginning this coming Sunday, 7th April. 6.30pm in the Trinity Centre.

Find out more and sign up online


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This time of year we always begin talking about the Electoral Roll a bit more. This is a really important way of saying “I belong” to the life of the church, both locally and nationally. It seeks to be an indication of the strength of church life, recording the amazing family of God who make up churches across England seeking to be a Christian presence in every community.

Joining the electoral roll also opens up the way for greater involvement in the life of the church, at deanery, diocesan and national events. You become entitled to vote at the Annual Parish Church meeting, and become eligible to join the church committees and PCC.

If you joined the electoral roll in 2019 – or any time since – then you don’t need to complete a new one. But for everyone else you can find out more, and sign up online for yourself, by clicking below.

Find out more about the Electoral Roll

Join the Electoral Roll today



Tuesday 9th April sees an evening for musicians, singers, and anyone else wanting to get involved in our musical life together. We’ll be learning a couple of new songs together, digging into a bit of input on “why / how” of worship, and reflecting on some of the joys and struggles in our worship at Trinity. All are welcome, whether you’re currently involved or not. We start at 7.45pm.

Let us know you’re coming


Our next walk takes place on Saturday 13th April. Join in with others for a 6 mile circular walk to Pulley, Bayston Hill, Sutton and back.

We meet at 10am at “The Meet Place”, the community space at the heart of the Meole Estate. Do please wear suitable walking boots/trainers, and take the weather into account in terms of waterproof and warm clothing. You may want to bring refreshments for a coffee-stop at halfway, and at the end we’re hoping to people will bring their own lunch and enjoy that back at the Meet Place.

For more details please contact the Church Office, or speak to Rebecca Barker and Susan Tonge.

Let us know you’re coming

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