Weekly Email w/b 20th September 2021

Weekly Email w/b 20th September 2021

So, Strictly is back. This annual autumn-fest of salsa, sequins and spray-tans has returned to our screens on a Saturday evening. Love it or hate it, it’s bizarre how it gets everyone talking about who’s “got two left feet”, the finer points of the quickstep, or the latest wardrobe choices of a various celebrities.

I must admit to no longer being a huge Strictly fan. But I do still like the montages of dancers who were totally hopeless on week 1, but begin to change as time goes on. Over time and with a lot of practice, we see the Saturday night stars find their rhythm, trust the professionals, and begin to find their feet in the world of dancing. There’s the presence of an expert to guide and to lead, and the celeb is inspired to give increasing determination and perseverance in a quest for an illusive ten.

This side of glory we’re not getting the perfect score in discipleship. But my prayer for us all is that the presence of Jesus would continue to guide and lead us, deepening faith, proclaiming hope in our lives and pouring his love into our hearts. And – as we ever more fully onto God’s great dance floor – we’d continue to persevere as we draw many others into the great dance of the Trinity.

You’ll find various ways below of doing that, including the Alpha course which starts soon. You’ll also find details of our Advent Sunday baptisms and confirmations. If you’re not baptised or confirmed please do consider this, we’d love to chat further.

Grace and peace

Phil Cansdale

Vicar of Trinity Churches and Area Dean of Shrewsbury

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This coming Sunday – 26th September – we’re going to be thinking about the holy habit of EATING TOGETHER during our morning services.

We’ve never been so eager to put something into practice as this! So – after the 11am service – we’re inviting people to bring a picnic-style lunch with them and we’ll have lunch together. Anyone and everyone is welcome to join in.

If the weather is good then we’ll remain outdoors, so can we get you to bring a camping chair / picnic rug sort of thing. If wet then we’ll be spreading out across the Trinity Centre / courtyard / church area as we eat together.

Let us know you’re coming to Let’s Eat!


The next Alpha Course begins on Wednesday 6th October 2021, from 7.30pm to 9.15pm. We’re excited to be meeting “in person” in the Trinity Centre again. We’ll be starting each week with some food together (usually puddings, but a larger meal first and last weeks).

Given all that we have lived with over the last 18 months there has never been a more important time to be checking out some of the big issues of life. Would you come and join us? And bring people with you as well?

Alpha is an informal and relaxed course designed to help you explore the big issues we all think about and discover the basics of the Christian faith. Each evening includes a chance to get to know other people, a short talk, and discussion at the end where you can share your thoughts.

Register for the autumn 2021 Alpha Course

Find out more about Alpha

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Saturday 9th October, 12pm to 3pm, sees a welcome return of our annual Apple Day featuring Cloisters Cafe, great food, apple pressing, games, crafts etc. We’ll be meeting outdoors in the courtyard and on the Glebe Field.

Over that weekend there is also a scarecrow trail taking place across the local area. If you would like to host a scarecrow in your garden and you live in Meole please contact the Church Office.


There’s something really important about finding ways of saying “count me in” to God and to the life of the Church. We’d love to help people to do that. Bishop Sarah, the Bishop of Shrewsbury, will be with us on Advent Sunday, 28th November. At our mid-morning gathering that day we’re having a service of baptisms and confirmations.

For those who haven’t already been baptised – either as babies or older – baptism for young people and adults is an amazing opportunity to commit to following Jesus and to live as life-long and whole-life disciples of Christ. Before the big day there will be opportunities to meet together to check out what this means, and to support you as you take a step of faith.

Confirmation is for those who have been baptised already, particularly as babies. It gives people an opportunity to “confirm” for themselves their commitment to follow Jesus and be part of the life of the church, and for your church family to pray for you and cheer you on as part of God’s amazing family here and across the world.

To let us know you’re interested in being baptised or confirmed please answer the questions below, and we’ll then be in touch with you about ‘next steps’ to get ready for November 28th. And if you want to chat further, do talk in particular to Phil, Fi or Craig and we’d love to meet up….

Let us know you’re interested….

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We are now ten days into the season of Six o’clock. If you’ve never found your way online at that stage of the day we’d love you to join us for the usual twenty minutes of some music, a Bible reading and short reflection, and a chance to pray. Over these next weeks we’re going to be some of the HOLY HABITS material, particularly reflecting on the gift of fellowship.

Find us on Facebook Live


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With autumn approaching – and not quite so many guarantee of sunshine and outdoor sitting – CLOISTERS cafe will be open on Tuesday mornings 10am to 12pm only. Barring a heatwave we’ll be heading indoors to the back of Holy Trinity Church. Whether you’ve been a regular or not yet found your way there yet, we’d love to see you.

And Cafe Connect is open 9am to 4pm Mondays to Fridays, plus Saturday mornings. What possible excuse is there not to be drinking great coffee, and coming to these two cafe spaces where you’ll not only find good drinks and great snacks available but also a listening ear and a prayerful presence.

We’re on the lookout again for new team members to get involved in these two projects. Contact the Church Office if you’d like to find out more.


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