Weekly Email w/b 21st August 2023

Weekly Email w/b 21st August 2023

I have just returned to work after two weeks of annual leave. For the first week we stayed home, did a few jobs around the house, and watched lots of TV. The second week we spent a few days away – taking in the sights and sounds of Oswestry.
But during this time, I found it difficult to switch off. I’m not good at ‘doing nothing’, and I found myself lamenting that I was ‘wasting my time’, that I wasn’t making ‘good use’ of my free hours, and that I ‘wasn’t achieving anything’. Whilst physically my body was trying to benefit from rest, my mind was working overtime and then I began beating myself up – Hurry up and relax already!! Then one day it changed.

One morning I listened to a song by Engage Worship: “Lord may our resting be worship to you, to lay down our labour and give you your due, to walk by still waters where souls are restored, to turn from our striving and trust you are Lord…”

As I listened to this, I realised that to rest is NOT to do nothing, but it is an act of worship. Taking time to be refreshed and restored, and to relax in God’s presence was no waste of time but vital. Once focused on resting WITH God I began to relax – and the best thing is, we don’t need to book two weeks holiday to do that. So, I encourage you this week, whether working, travelling, taking part in the Fun in the Sun walk, or anything else, find time to rest in God’s presence and let your rest be worship.

Keith Moore, Pioneer Community Minister

PS We can’t wait to let you know some of the things which are coming up in September and October, including the new “Trinity Life” which is just about ready to go. Watch this space!

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In our morning congregations we continue our summer series looking at some of the parables that Jesus told. Neville Willerton is speaking at the 9am and at CTK, with Charles Ruxton at the 11am and at Belle Vue.

In the evening Fiona Iddon will be continuing our journey through the book of Acts as we continue our “postcards from the early church.”

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Over August we’re going to be hosting a Sunday pre-recorded online gathering each Sunday morning. Hosted by Phil Cansdale, it will be available at 9am on a Sunday morning from our Facebook feed at “Trinity Churches Shrewsbury.” This will be a forty minute (or so!) online service with some music, a reading, a short talk on one of the parables, some prayers, and a chance to catch up on what’s going on. Whether you usually join in – or perhaps are away but still want to connect up with life at Trinity – we would love you to join us.

Go to our Facebook Page (Sunday gathering available from 9am)


This year’s Fun in the Sun is underway. Coming up soon is the Evening Walk taking place on 24th August. Starting at the Tankerville Arms, Longden, we will commence a 3 mile walk ending with pizza and drinks. Don’t forget to sign up and pre-order your pizza!

FInishing off our Fun in the Sun series, on Tuesday 29th August, is the Pizza Night for Young Adults. 7pm at the Iddons house.

You’ll find out more details of each of these – and sign up where appropriate – on our website.

Fun in the Sun Events


Advance notice about “Ride and Stride” taking place on Saturday 9th September. This is an annual opportunity for local churches to throw open their doors and say “welcome”. Whether on two wheels, four wheels or two legs, it’s a great way for people to visit some of Shropshire’s stunning church buildings. It also raises funds for National Churches Trust (NCT) who support local church projects, and people are often sponsored to cycle / walk / drive round as many churches as they can.

If you can spare a hour or so to help steward the church on 9th September, and introduce people to our beautiful church, please contact Mike Haddaway, mike.haddaway@btinternet.com.



Plans are well underway for a day-trip to Hereford on Tuesday 26th September. We’ll be visiting the stunning Hampton Court Gardens & Castle, and enjoying a guided tour of the 15th century castle and access to the gardens. We’ll then make our way to Hereford Cathedral where we’ll have tea together alongside joining in with their sung Evensong. Tickets are available for £34, either online by clicking below or by contacting the Church Office. Please book early as numbers may be limited.

Trip to Hereford

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