Weekly Email w/b 23rd May 2022

Weekly Email w/b 23rd May 2022

This week has seen another shooting in a school in America, with nineteen children and two adults killed in a primary school in South Texas. The pictures on the news and the reports of what happened are desperate. Lord, have mercy.

This last Sunday also marked five years since the appalling bombing at the Manchester Arena, in which 22 people died and over 1000 were injured. remember that my daughter and her friends, who were in primary school at the time, were hugely affected emotionally by the news, probably because so many young children were involved and perhaps this was the first time they had truly had to try to understand evil in the world.

Some advice that came out to help parents supporting children in processing this tragedy suggested pointing out the good, the stories of people that helped. And sure enough, those stories came…stories of people that shielded others from the blast, of those that risked their own lives to rescue others, of those that simply held the hand of the injured and dying so that they were not alone, and the way the whole city came together in a show of solidarity and support – love proved stronger than hate.

We cannot always hide our children from evil, there will come a time when children are faced with trying to make sense of the senseless because we live in an imperfect world. But, we have a perfect God who shows us through Jesus on the cross that love always wins.

As we pray for those who mourn this week – in so many parts of our world – let’s continue to look for the good, to be the good and to share our hope that death is not the end and love has the victory.

Cerys Hughes, Children and Families Minister

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There’s lots coming up at Trinity as we celebrate the Jubilee together. Cloisters, Cafe Connect, Radbrook and the Meole Estate all have their own local celebrations. For more details check out the website or local publicity.

Meanwhile we’ve double the celebrations on Sunday 5th June, with that day being both Pentecost Sunday and the final day of the Jubilee Celebrations. We’ll be having a gathering open to everyone in the Trinity Centre and surrounding area after the 11am service. To help with catering we’re asking people to let us know they will be coming, so you can RSVP as below or by contacting the Church Office in the usual way.

What’s on over the next few days

RSVP to event on Sunday 5th June

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We are finishing our journey as Resurrection People. At the 9am and 11am services our speaker will be Fi Iddon, whilst at our 1030am Radbrook service Keith Moore will be speaking. We’re thinking about how the Ascension might make a difference in our everyday lives.

Our 6.30pm evening service meets in the Trinity Centre, and this week we’re continuing our “Psalm Surfing” with Psalm 139. Our speaker is Valerie Pitt.

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We are looking for a shift leader to oversee the work of Cafe Connect on three days each week (Tuesdays, Fridays and Saturday mornings), working alongside the Café Manager (who works Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays) and a great team of volunteers. The role is for 22 hours per week (8.30am to 4.30pm Tuesdays, 8.30am to 5.30pm Fridays, 9.30am to 2.30pm Saturdays) During holiday periods it may be possible – and desirable – for these days to be varied by arrangement with other team members. Application deadline 6th June.

Find out More about Cafe Connect job

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A reminder that “Sports Sunday” is now up and running each week, taking place from 10am on the grass area outside of Church. All ages and stages are encouraged to get involved! Let us know if you have any specific physical needs and we can prepare games and activities with you in mind! Please note that under 11s should be accompanied by an over 16 yr old.

Let us know you’re coming…

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Thank you so much to all those involved in last weekend’s Plant Sale at Holy Trinity Belle Vue. A little over £1,000 was raised which is fantastic news, with proceeds going towards Sierra Foundation for Life Skills (SFFLS) and Operation Agri.


We don’t usually include home insurance in our weekly email. But we work with “Ecclesiastical”, and each time someone takes out a home insurance policy with them – “one of the UK’s most trusted home insurance providers” – they will donate £130 to the church. We can’t give advice or make a recommendation, but if you want to find out more then click on the link below.

Trust 130 Home Insurance Offer


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