Weekly Email w/b 24th April 2023

Weekly Email w/b 24th April 2023

If you’ve been anywhere near a TV in the last few days, you can’t fail to have noticed what has been happening just over the Welsh border in my hometown of Wrexham. In a story that sounds very much like a movie script, the non-league side have won promotion to the football league for the first time in 15 years, thanks at least in part, to a pair of Hollywood film stars who now own the club.

I’m not qualified to comment on what difference the mega financial investment has made to the actual game, but I do know that these Hollywood stars have brought a real sense of excitement and hope to the town. I’ve seen many social media photos of old friends with A-list celebrities, and it’s no longer unusual to find film stars in your local pub when you pop in for a quiet pint. Who’d have thought it? An almost unbelievable story.

On Sunday, Trinity Kids heard about the risen Jesus walking and talking with his friends on the road to Emmaus, and we wondered why they didn’t immediately recognise him. Perhaps in that moment it was just simply unbelievable to them that their friend could be alive again and alongside them.

In that encounter, Jesus brought a new hope and excitement to his friends who simply couldn’t wait to tell others. And by the power of The Holy Spirit, Jesus still pops up today in the most unexpected places, he longs to walk alongside us too and to bring his hope and joy.

As we wondered in Trinity Kids how it feels when Jesus walks alongside us, a 3-year-old said, “You stop crying”. My prayer is we will all know that truth as Jesus pops up in the unexpected places this week.

Cerys Hughes, Children and Families Minister

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This Sunday sees our usual opportunities to celebrate together across the four congregations at Trinity as well as at Belle Vue.

In the morning services we are taking a look at some of the images which Jesus and the early church came to speak of when referring to life in the Spirit, and how we might live that out today. Charles Ruxton will be speaking at the 9am and 11am services, with Robert Parsons speaking at CTK and Dave Latcham speaking at Belle Vue.

Meanwhile Alex Aldous will be speaking in the evening as we continue our new series called “How to hear God”. We’ll be digging into Psalm 119, and having a go at “meditating on scripture” for ourselves. If you don’t normally come to the evening congregation but would like to grow in experience of hearing God’s voice then it might be a really good excuse to come along.

Trinity Youth and Trinity Kids continue as usual, though we are aware a few families might be off doing Bank Holiday type activities. (The first of three BH weekends coming up!) Anon and Pathfinders are going to be meeting together, whilst the under 11s will be meeting as usual. As we start out on a new term if you’ve got any questions in particular about provision for youth then do please chat to Fi or Phil for more details.



We’re inviting the whole community to come and watch the King’s Coronation on Saturday 6th May. Big screens, great company and in a historic setting. Tea and coffees served, and why not bring cake “fit for a king” to share with others on this royal occasion! Given the service and procession might last a while you’re welcome to bring something picnic-related as well if you want to sit in the courtyard or church grounds and eat as well.

On the Sunday – 7th May – we’re inviting everyone to wear something suitably “red, white and blue”, and as part of a weekend of celebrations across the country we might just find some more coronation cake!

We’ll also be having a coronation theme to Trinity Table on Tuesday 2nd May, and Radbrook Community Tea on Monday 8th May in the afternoon.

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We’re hosting another community event in May with REVS making a welcome return. For the classic car fan and petrol-head in your life – as well as those who love music, people, crafts, activities, hog roasts and whatever else – REVS takes place on 20th May here in the Trinity Centre and outdoor areas. These sorts of events can be a really great way to invite people with you. Who might you be inviting?

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On Friday 5th May we are hosting an evening for all Trinity Youth (11-18s) to get together, eat pizza, play games etc. We’ll kick off at 6.30pm on the Friday night of the bank holiday weekend. If the weather is good we’ll be meeting in the Vicarage Garden next door to church. Wet-weather plan will be the Trinity Centre. More details – and let us know you are coming – via website.

Sign up for Pizza Night

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Last week we kicked off our first “Expresso”, our monthly caffeine shot on mission and discipleship. We took as our subject “how to keep your faith and be on social media”, and in twenty minutes tried to give a taster of a really important subject. You can catch-up and watch again online by clicking the link below on our website. And watch out for our next event coming on Facebook Live in May, looking at “how to pray when there’s big stuff going on.”

Catch up – and future editions of Espresso

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It’s that time of year when we begin to think about annual meetings, taking place this year on Sunday 21st May at 6.30pm in the Trinity Centre.

This gives an annual reminder to consider joining the Electoral Roll. If you’ve joined that here over the last few years then there’s nothing to do, but if you’re feeling at home here and want to say “count me in” to life here locally then we really would like you to consider joining. The easiest way to do that is online by clicking below, or pick up a leaflet from the back of church, complete it, and let us have it back


Join the Electoral Roll

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And finally… a reminder about our “Cost of Living” fund which we set up about six months ago.
Times are tough for many at the moment. At Trinity we know we can’t do everything or help everyone. But, flowing out of God’s generosity to us, we want to offer what we can. Are you in particular need? Or do you know someone who might benefit from practical help or limited financial support? Alongside other Shropshire organisations we want to be able to offer help and support where we can. We have a “Cost of Living” fund to support individuals, families and specific projects at church and across the local community.

Enquire about Cost of Living Fund – for yourself or others

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