Weekly Email w/b 24th January 2022

Weekly Email w/b 24th January 2022

On Friday morning, sad news broke of the death of US Rockstar Meat Loaf and throughout the day TV, radio and social media began to fill with people sharing their memories and their favourite Meat Loaf songs. Do you have a favourite?

I have distant memories of being a child in the 80’s and long Meat Loaf songs playing on the car radio, but I suppose the first Meat Loaf song that springs to mind for me is his biggest selling single I’d Do Anything For Love (But I Won’t Do That) from the early 90’s. It’s a funny song title, don’t you think? At first glance it seems a bit contradictory. “I’d do anything for love…but I won’t do that.”

Hmmm…If you really would do “anything”, why is there a “but”? And what is that anyway?

So often in life, there’s a “but” somewhere. “I was going to do my homework but…” “I would like to help you but…” And I wonder how often “but” appears in our faith story. “I know you are with me God, but…” “I want to trust you but…”

We heard from Phil on Sunday that doubt can be an element of our faith and all our “buts” form part of this too. Wrestling with doubts and challenges, the “buts” and the “what ifs” are what makes our faith alive and real. The good news is, Jesus has no “buts” for us. He loves us…no but! He died for us…no but! He offers eternal love and life to each one of us, whenever we are ready to accept it…no but!

Jesus would quite literally do anything for love (no but)!

Cerys Hughes
Children & Families Minister

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An event for those who are new – or still feeling new – at Trinity. We’ll start at 7.45pm, and over coffee, cake and similar we’ll have some time together to get to know each other better, meet some of the team here at Trinity, and to hear something about the wider life of the church. Do please let us know please you’re coming, and we’ll start ordering the cakes! We look forward to you being with us.

Let us know you’re coming to the Spring Welcome Event

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Tuesday 1st February sees our new monthly gathering to pray for the work of Christ the King, Cafe Connect, and our wider church life in Radbrook Green. We’ll start at 7pm with opportunities to chat together and catch up, followed by opportunities to hear about what’s going on, open up Scripture, and pray for our work across the local area. All are welcome.


Quite a few people have asked about the church in Burnley which Phil mentioned in his sermon on Sunday morning. It’s called “Church on the Street” or COTS for short. It shows the work of a church with those very much in the “gaps” of society, and some of the really practical ways in which they are seeking to be a blessing to their local community. They featured recently in an hour-long BBC documentary, as well as a visit from the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

Our calling as Shrewsbury churches will look different, but no less important to be serving and blessing our neighbourhoods. I wonder what you might be involved in, or called to be doing in the neighbourhoods you live in and serve?

Watch “The Cost of COVID” on iPlayer



Whilst we don’t normally encourage single-use plastics, we really need some empty plastic bottles for an activity at our next Messy Church. We need the small ones, around 500ml size, so if you happen to grab a water on your way out of the gym, or you have a secret fizzy pop habit, please rinse the bottles out and pass them to Cerys.

And if you are wondering how plastic bottles fit into the story of Elijah, come along to Messy Church on Thursday 3rd February at 4.30pm.


Next some really good news about ways in which we are supporting education in Africa, and how the generous legacy of Pat Wedge will be making a huge difference in the lives of children and communities there.

Our partnership with Fiwila in Zambia has now come to an end, and from here on we’ll be supporting three innovative projects which will have a lasting impact. Vinjeru school in Zambia will benefit from a new classroom block and bursaries for children unable to access education, and Red Earth Education will be equipping teacher training in Uganda.

We look forward to hearing more about how this support continues to make a difference, and how the generous gift of Pat Wedge in her will is continuing to be a blessing to generations ahead.

Find out more about where the support will go

Leaving a gift in your will to Trinity Churches

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Whatever our new year resolutions – and diets? – we hope there’s still space for doing life together over a cup of coffee and around a meal table. Alongside small groups, growing friendships and looking out for people who live locally here are three opportunities you can do that with us at Trinity over the next weeks.

Café Connect is our church-run coffee shop at the heart of the Radbrook community offering great food, good value and a warm welcome. We want to be a place where faith is lived, hope is offered, and God’s love can be shared. Open six days a week and staffed by a team of volunteers, the cafe offers good food and a warm welcome. Join us for drinks, snacks and light lunches to eat in or take away.

Cloisters Cafe opens for business once more on Tuesday 11th January. During the winter months we’re open on Tuesday mornings in the back of church, and so if you’re looking for a warm welcome, drinks and cakes in a beautiful surrounding, and the company of friends old and new then we’d love you to join us.

Trinity Table
is our regular lunch club for people from across the local community. It takes place on Tuesdays from 12.30pm in the Trinity Centre. To help with capacity we’re having two Trinity Tables each month, with people able to attend one of these.


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