Weekly email w/b 27th June 2022

Weekly email w/b 27th June 2022

In some of our congregations we have been looking at ‘Everyday Faith’ based on Hebrews 11.

This week I have been reflecting on the life of Abraham who is credited for his faith (Gen 15:6) yet, ironically, at times he appears to try and cheat the system, short circuit God. Moses was caught doing the same things, perhaps believing the good he displayed as his own work. These are complex characters, complex people.

We are too, aren’t we? It gives me courage to know that these giants of faith, were flawed and broken, but real. I can relate to that; it somehow makes faith a little more achievable to me. A little less intimidating. Some people say ‘not every hero wears a cape‘. I believe we all have a part to play in the faith filled project of restoring all creation.

So what can we say? Well, God is good, all that is good comes from God and we need God’s goodness. We really need God’s goodness in the world, in the small things and the bigger things.

“O Father light up the small duties of this days life: May they shine with the beauty of Thy countenance. May we believe that glory can dwell in the most common task of every day” – St. Augustine (354-430)

St Augustine spoke of how we should seek God’s goodness and glory through even the most common tasks. I wonder which tasks and activities you have coming up this week? Can we invite God into our ‘everyday’ lives?

May our days be filled with God’s goodness and glory. May his face/countenance shine upon us in all we say and do. Amen

Craig Silcock, Youth and Young Adults Minister

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In our morning congregations we’re continuing to think about “Everyday Faith“. At the 9am and 11am congregations we’ll be hearing from our friends in North Africa and how they are living this out in their context, whilst Keith Moore will be speaking at the 1030am gathering in Radbrook Green. At the 11am there will be Trinity Kids, Pathfinders and Anon in the usual manner.

In the evening we’re having out monthly PRESENCE gathering, 6.15pm for 6.30pm in the Bradbury Hall. Over the last two years we’ve thought a lot about how we receive communion in a COVID world, but we’re wanting to ask the deeper question of why we share bread and wine, and what it might mean to enter into this meal at the heart of the Christian faith more fully. All welcome!


After the mid-morning gathering there will be a cake sale to help raise funds for some of the young people who are going on an amazing trip abroad later on in the year. You can hear all about it on Sunday morning during the service, and even more afterwards as you eat your cake!

And for those who need to burn off the effects of too much cake then don’t forget Sports Sunday after the 11am service…



We’ve got a really, really wonderful problem of too many children! There are regularly 35 under 11’s at our 11am service and, in order to disciple and care for them well, we need to increase our team. Here is Cerys, along with Steve and Lisa, to tell you why this is such a great ministry to be involved with…

Find out more from Cerys and the team

Contact Cerys


A reminder about giving, including our stewardship of money in the life of the church here. We continue to be amazed at the generosity of so many, and how your giving makes such a difference in the lives of young and old, local and further afield. Thankyou.

We’re trialling taking an offering again by passing the collection baskets along the rows. I know that a very significant number of us – even higher than pre-COVID – give by standing order and other regular ways and so please do pass the basket to the next person. But for those who give via weekly envelopes, or those giving by cash, we hope this includes your offering – and your generosity – as part of our worship more fully too.

More about giving and stewardship



If you think the music goes on a long time in church, imagine 24 hours in a row. We’re inviting people to consider supporting the amazing Booth family, who are a huge blessing to our music and worship life at Trinity. Guy Booth and the family are doing a 24 hour “music-a-thon” this weekend to raise money looking to raise money towards Severn Hospice and Motor Neurone Disease Association (MNDA).

More details – and sponsor the Booth family



Anyone come across “Beat the Street”, a summer project across Shrewsbury inviting people to get outdoors, get active, and get walking. There are a few dozen “beat boxes” located around the town, including one just up the road from church by the primary school and various other places nearby. The basic concept is you ‘tap’ your card on one of the boxes, and then walk / run / cycle to another one and tap it there, and keep on going! You get points for each journey you make. It’s free to take part in, all-ages friendly, and amongst other places you can pick up a card from Co-op in Radbrook Green.

It’s not for everyone, many people have found praying when out and about a huge gift, and to be talking to God whilst in the great outdoors. You get to pray for our neighbours, our communities and our town. Anyone want to give it a go? More details – and register – on the website.

Beat the Street – Shrewsbury


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