Weekly Email w/b 30th October 2023

Weekly Email w/b 30th October 2023

Alongside the horrors of war in the Middle East, the COVID enquiry, and the world cup rugby, there’s been another story making the headlines this last few days. Matthew Perry, best known for playing Chandler Bing in the hit TV show “Friends”, died at the weekend.

I was reading today of two moments in his life that Perry prayed. Firstly, when younger, he prayed for fame. “God, you can do whatever you want to me, just please make me famous“. His second prayer came at his lowest point, once that first naïve prayer for fame had come good and after a long period of alcohol and drug dependency. “God, please help me, show me that you are here.

He wrote about what happened next as he sobbed uncontrollably. “I wasn’t crying because I was sad — I was crying because for the first time in my life, I felt OK,” he wrote. “I felt safe, taken care of. I had been in the presence of God. I was certain of it. And this time I had prayed for the right thing: help.”

Two prayers. “Fame?” Or “help?” For Matt Perry it was that cry for help which – at a time of desperation – made all the difference. For each of us our struggles and battles will be different but no less real as we seek to walk the way of Jesus. The gift of faith as we seek to grow a church where people of all ages and stages can thrive. The gift of hope as we speak, pray and live in a world of conflict. The gift of love in our workplaces, our families, our neighbourhoods, and wherever else God leads us this week.

It might not make a hit TV show, but that’s the sort of life where we can most truly be friends with God.

Grace and peace

Phil Cansdale, Vicar

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In our morning congregations we are well over half way through our series called “Kingdom Come.” We are looking through the book of Nehemiah, which is full of themes like praying and vision, working together, and rebuilding when things are broken down. Phil Cansdale will be speaking at 9am and 11am services, whilst Shirley Stevens will be speaking at CTK and Fi Iddon is speaking at Belle Vue at 10.30am. A reminder, for families, that it’s also Messy Church at Belle Vue on Sunday from 9am.

In the evening we’re gearing up for the next part of our climb up the “Mount Everest” of the book of Romans. We’re going to be putting ourselves in the shoes (sandals?) of the early church in Rome, and thinking in particular about what it might have been like for them to come together to celebrate the Lord’s supper.

Yesterday we added the last three Romans sermons onto the website, including Fi scaling the heights of Romans chapter 8. All yours!

Sermon archive on website

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The next Trinity Men’s Breakfast takes place on Saturday 11th November. Come and join us for a legendary breakfast, great fellowship and a bit of Saturday morning inspiration. We kick off at 8.30am, and will be clear to crack on with the rest of the day by 10am. All are welcome. And bring a friend!

Trinity Men’s Breakfast

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One of our big ideas for this year is to bless the local communities with some knitted choirs of angels, which in mid-December will be ‘winging their way’ to various public spaces in Meole Brace and Radbrook Green. People will be able to take one to decorate their own homes, and to think what it might mean for each and every one of us to ‘join the song’ the angels sang when Jesus was born.

As we work towards this we’d love to reach our goal of three hundred small knitted figures. Are you able to help us with this? You can do so from your own home, ideally using the sample pattern. Or come and join with others and enjoy being creative alongside other people. Dates and times as below. For more details contact Amal Moore via the Church Office who can also let you have a copy of the suggested pattern, or via the Church Office (email or in person)

The Meet Place. Thursdays 9/11, 23/11 and 7/12 from 1.15pm to 2.45pm
The Trinity Centre. Tuesdays 14/11, 5/12, 12/12 from 10am to 12pm.
The Trinity Centre. Thursdays 9/11, 16/11, 23/11, 30/11 from 7.30pm to 9pm.


We’re hoping this could be a really fun thing to be doing together, as well as a small way of blessing our local communities as Advent begins and Christmas approaches.

Contact Amal Moore

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It was good recently to continue conversations with parents of 0s to 3s about developing, resourcing and staffing a creche on Sunday mornings.
They have asked for there to be someone present in the sessions who isn’t looking after their own children alongside the parents. So we are looking for three people, to oversee a week each month, and be part of sharing the love of Jesus with some of the youngest members of our church family. This is a really important part of our vision to be growing younger. Talk to Cerys for more details.

Contact Cerys


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We’re so grateful to all those who help keep the gardens and grounds around the Church looking so beautiful at all times of year. Our gardener Tim Creyke is looking for volunteers to form a working party to do some undergrowth clearance, and tree and hedge planting in the Glebe Field. If you could spare one or two Saturday mornings over the next 2 months please contact Tim via the Church Office.

Meanwhile we’ve changed the date of our annual leaf clearance, a bit worried that 18th November might be too early this year. So we’ve reconvened for Saturday 2nd December in the morning. Could you come along, and bring suitable rakes / brooms etc. This really is one of those “many hands make light work” moments, and could be a great fun way of getting together with other people on a Saturday morning. Many thanks.


A service to give thanks for the life of Kelly Booth will be held at Holy Trinity, Meole Brace, at 4.30pm on Friday 10th November.
Lots of people have asked, ‘how can we practically support the family?’, and perhaps one way is to offer to make some cakes to be enjoyed after the service. It’s really helpful to know that these are coming, so if you are able to do so please let us know by clicking below. And, of course, please do keep praying for Guy, Annabel, Imogen and the wider family at this time.

Offers of cake gratefully received


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The Life Exhibition is a multi-media experience designed for primary school children taking place at ChristChurch Bayston Hill. During the daytime local schools will be exploring the life of Jesus. Also open Tuesday evening at 6.45pm for Trinity Youth, and Wednesday evening (tours start at 4.30pm and 6pm) which is suitable for primary / younger secondary children and their families.

Thanks so much to those who have already offered help and support. We’re still looking for a few people who could help on Thursday 9th November, which is the day that our own Meole Brace Primary School will be attending. Might you be able to help? Talk to Cerys for more details.

More about the LIFE exhibition

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Join us for our usual evening of Christmas Creative fun! Price includes a glass of Prosecco and Mince Pies. Crafts will be an extra cost (between £1-£3) so please do bring some money along with you. Proceeds from this event will be going to support relief work in Morocco.

Let us know you’re coming

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The latest Trinity Life is now out, with a slightly shorter-than-usual edition which gives us space and time to get ready for Christmas. You’ll find in there details of the Life Exhibition coming up the week after half term, Remembrance Sunday – including a reminder of the 1045am start – and Create for Christmas. Pick up a copy in Church, or click below for a link.

This month’s Trinity Life

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