Weekly email (w/b 31st October)

Weekly email (w/b 31st October)

Over the last few weeks children have been arriving at Trinity Tots clutching the autumn treasures they found on the way in. We’ve seen shiny conkers, huge leaves of all colours, pinecones, dandelions, sticks and even some beautiful pheasant feathers.

If you’ve ever walked with a toddler, you will know it’s almost impossible to get anywhere in a hurry because they like to stop and investigate everything along the way, and for me there’s been many times over the years that I have reached into my coat pocket and found something a child has popped in there on a walk. Toddlers just have the most amazing sense of awe and wonder, don’t they? Things that might get trampled underfoot or overlooked by busy adults suddenly become amazing treasures to small children.

This time of year can feel hard; the days are shorter and often grey and wet, we might be worried about heating costs as the temperatures drop, or maybe we just feel that life is too busy. But these children remind us that we are surrounded by glimpses of amazing creativity in the world that God made for the people he loves, and perhaps like a toddler with no sense of urgency we too sometimes need to stop and notice the treasures.

Writing this has reminded me of a classic hymn from my primary school days; “Autumn Days when the grass is jewelled…” Do you remember that one? I might have given you an earworm now, but the chorus ends with the words, “To say a great big thank you, I mustn’t forget“.

Today I’m thankful for the children at Trinity Tots and all that they teach us. I wonder what you are thankful for?

Cerys Hughes

Children and Families Minister

P.S. Read on for various snippets about autumn leaf clearing, as well as thinking about the “autumn of our lives” at Gravetalk. And there’s mention of our first Advent event with “Curry by Candelight” coming up…


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We are three weeks or so into our Blessed to be a Blessing initiative. We’ve had a few responses so far, but recognise that we’ve a long way to go!

Did you know that at the heart of this project is the invitation to be generous. We are renewing a “Cost of Living” fund, fuelled by 25% of any new or increased giving to the church. This will go towards individuals, families and specific projects to support people and communities over these next months. If you, or someone you know, are seeking support please be in touch with us.

You can be generous in lots of other ways too. How much your time, your gifts and your money be a blessing to others? There are many needs at the moment, and we want to be inviting everyone to consider what their response might look like. You can do so really easily online by clicking on the link below. Or pick up a paper copy of the response form at Church, complete it, and let us have it back by 27th November.

Blessed to be a Blessing Website

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This Sunday Alistair Magowan will be speaking at the 9am and 11am services at Holy Trinity, and Robert Parsons will be speaking at the 1030 service at CTK. We are getting near to the end of a few weeks looking at the amazing prayer from Numbers 6 “The Lord bless you and keep you”. Children and youth work – ie Creche, Trinity Kids and Trinity Youth – continues in the usual manner as part of the 11am gathering, as well as the 11am service being both in the building and online.

At the 630pm evening service we’ve got our monthly Presence gathering, hosted by Annali Hindle and Phil Cansdale. There’s a lovely comment – based around a child talking about stained glass windows – that a saint is “someone who the light shines through.” We’re going to be thinking about how we might all be everyday saints, as well as some of the ‘saints’ and others who have cheered us on in our lives of faith.

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From Sunday 20th November we are offering a week-long opportunity to pray. For our nation and for our world. For our community and our church. For our families and ourselves.

We will be setting up a prayer room in Garden Room upstairs in the Trinity Centre, which will be open for people to come to pray between 8am and 9pm from Sunday 20th November through to Saturday 26th November. Each night and early morning (from Sunday 20th through to Sunday 27th) will then be either online or ‘in person’

.More details – and sign up – by clicking here

The Queen’s funeral recently showed us something of how to celebrate someone’s life and mark someone’s death. Readings, music, poems, silence, and ritual all came together to speak of a life well lived.

Have you ever thought about big issues like death, dying, funerals, and how you’d want to be remembered etc? We know lots of us are reluctant to talk about this, and this seeks to be a safe space to talk about big things. We’ve got an experienced GP joining us around the table to bring some professional perspectives to this conversation as well.

We’re meeting in Cafe Connect in Radbrook Green. And – yes – there will be cake! Sign-up is helpful but not essential.

More details – and sign up – by clicking here

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An evening of fun and joy for young people and adults alike! Bring your own snacks* and drinks.

Tearfund is a Christian charity that partners with churches in more than 50 of the world’s poorest countries. They tackle poverty through sustainable development, responding to disasters, and challenging injustice. They believe an end to extreme poverty is possible.

More details – and sign up – by clicking here

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Talking of autumn leaves, our annual Leaf Clearing Morning takes place on 26th November at 10am. Last year we had about thirty people of all ages come along and help, and everything got done quickly, efficiently and with a lot of fun! Could you join us this year? If you’ve got a wheelbarrow and ake you could bring with you that would be great. We’ll meet in the Churchyard. Speak to a warden or the Church Office for more details.

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An Advent “Trinity Men” event at the Third Place in Frankwell for an eat-all-you-can buffet. You’ll find an array of delicious starters, main courses, sundries and desserts. They’ve even offered a ‘proper hot’ curry option for the vicar! We’ll finish around 10pm. Our guest speaker for the evening is Pat Aldred. When not cruising around the world Pat has many years experience as an army chaplain, and is currently based at Shrewsbury Abbey.

We’re asking people to book tickets and to pay online. Or you can phone the Church Office and pay in that way if easier.

More details – and sign up – by clicking here

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