Weekly Email w/b 3rd January 2022

Weekly Email w/b 3rd January 2022

Today – Thursday 6th January – is meant to be the moment we take down our Christmas decorations, and everything goes back into the box for another year. Have you done yours down yet? At the Vicarage we did so on Monday, which might be a few days early but reflects a busy few days since then as life starts up anew. My favourite Christmas purchase was a £5 ‘pressure pad’ which fits under our doormat, so that every time someone walked in or out of the house it would play a rendition of “We Wish you a merry Christmas”. Even the dog set it off. But I can’t wait to annoy everyone with it next year.

I always feel a mixture of emotions as I climb the attic ladder, a mixture of gratitude for a Christmas well-spent, a sadness that the seasons are changing, and a flicker of excitement about a new year ahead. Perhaps that’s how you’re feeling, especially in these continuing uncertain days we find ourselves in? There’s an old poem which I’m often reminded on as the Christmas season finishes.

When the song of the angels is stilled,
when the star in the sky is gone,
when the kings and princes are home,
when the shepherds are back with their flocks,
the work of Christmas begins:
to find the lost,
to heal the broken,
to feed the hungry,
to release the prisoner,
to rebuild the nations,
to bring peace among the people,
to make music in the heart.

Read on for various things coming up in January, and beyond. With continued thanks for all that we are doing – gathered and scattered – in continuing the work of Christmas.

Phil, and all of us as a team at Trinity Churches

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There are few emotions more powerful than hope. But these days, hope often feels hard to come by. Where can we find a hope that won’t disappoint us?

Hope Explored explores how the Christian faith offers real hope, lasting peace and true purpose. Over three evenings together, starting Wednesday 12th January, we’ll be watching some short film clips, discussing some of the big things in life, and having some time to be quiet and think about our own way ahead.

We are very much hoping to be able to meet in person, but if needs be we’ll also offer this course online. Please say when booking in whether you have suitable access to ZOOM etc.

More details about HOPE EXPLORED

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We’re really glad that our Sunday services are able to continue at 9am and 11am at Holy Trinity every Sunday morning. And this week sees the 6.30pm congregation return every week, the first time in two years we’ve been able to do this.

In the morning congregations we’ll be looking at Elijah. He is a kind of Old Testament superhero, who spoke out and lived boldly. And yet we also see human frailty and brokenness. Although Elijah lived in a very different time and context to ours there are many lessons from his life for us today. We see him get replenished and sustained by God, and in a period of national darkness and struggle we see the character of someone who chose to follow the living God. You’ll find the whole story of Elijah from 1 Kings 17 to 2 Kings 2, in particular 1 Kings 17-19 where you get the most well known episodes of his life.

In the evening congregation we’re going to be looking the theme of “Beautiful Community” through the lens of Revelation chapters 2-3. These chapters – and the letters to the seven churches – feel like a spiritual health-check, discovering something of what Jesus might say to the Church – and to us – today. If tech allows we’re hoping to be able to livestream, and record, some of our evening services. So if you’d like to be with us but can’t attend in person we hope you’ll be able to catch up…

Meanwhile a reminder that we continue to meet for a monthly celebration in Radbrook Green, taking place this month on 16th January at 10.30am.

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Whatever our new year resolutions – and diets? – we hope there’s still space for doing life together over a cup of coffee and around a meal table. Alongside small groups, growing friendships and looking out for people who live locally here are three opportunities you can do that with us at Trinity over the next weeks.

Café Connect is our church-run coffee shop at the heart of the Radbrook community offering great food, good value and a warm welcome. We want to be a place where faith is lived, hope is offered, and God’s love can be shared. Open six days a week and staffed by a team of volunteers, the cafe offers good food and a warm welcome. Join us for drinks, snacks and light lunches to eat in or take away.

Cloisters Cafe opens for business once more on Tuesday 11th January. During the winter months we’re open on Tuesday mornings in the back of church, and so if you’re looking for a warm welcome, drinks and cakes in a beautiful surrounding, and the company of friends old and new then we’d love you to join us.

Trinity Table
is our regular lunch club for people from across the local community. It takes place on Tuesdays from 12.30pm in the Trinity Centre. To help with capacity we’re having two Trinity Tables each month, with people able to attend one of these. This month we’re meeting 11th and 18th January. Please phone the Church Office, or go to our website and book in online.



We all have moments of wonder, as children, as adults. When we try to explain, words don’t do it justice; but we can tell the story, then maybe someone else will catch our wonder. And it’s good to be heard!

We’ll gather for an evening on Zoom with a beer or coffee. Just stories, no explanations. Hear some wondrous things, and tell your own. The evening will be hosted by Charles Ruxton. More details, and let us know you’re interested, by clicking below.

“I wonder….”

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How do questions about identity, sexuality, relationships and marriage fit within the bigger picture of the good news of Jesus Christ? What does it mean to live in love and faith together as a Church?

About 25 of us took part in the “Living in Love and Faith” course in November. It was highly stimulating and deeply thought-provoking, and we’re looking forward to some of us having a catch-up in a few weeks time.

Meanwhile we’re helping to host the course for churches from across Shrewsbury, starting in February on Wednesday 9th February at ChristChurch Bayston Hill. Each evening will be hosted by a couple of leaders, and include video resources, bible study, and time in smaller groups.

More details and sign-up


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