Weekly email w/b 3rd July 2022

Weekly email w/b 3rd July 2022

I think it was Harold Wilson who said “a week is a long time in politics.” I’m just glad I didn’t try writing this yesterday, let alone a few days early like we sometimes try and do as a staff team. For a 24-7 media there’s been no shortage of material as every speech, conversation and tweet is endlessly analysed and pored over.

It felt good timing to be part of a monthly prayer gathering at Belle Vue church as all this was kicking off this morning. We were reflecting around many of the descriptions and ‘names’ of God in scripture. A shepherd where we don’t know where to turn. A comforter for the lonely. A door into fullness of life. A light for the nations, God’s word to the world, the one who is holy, just and true.

We remembered how we pray in the light of these words not because God forgets his name and needs reminding, but so that we can pray more fully that God ‘lives up to his name’ and his kingdom comes. It wasnt hard to know where to begin, though rightly we also remembered many other areas of everyday life to pray for.

As I know many are, do please be praying these next hours and days for our country. Ask God for the flourishing of wise and servant-hearted leadership, and for good decisions which are building up the common good at every level of society. As scripture encourages us, pray for those leaders in the spotlight from whom much is expected, and keep on seeking for God’s kingdom to come.

Grace and peace

Phil Cansdale, Vicar

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We’re really pleased to be welcoming a couple of the senior staff from Lichfild Diocese this weekend. Bishop Sarah, the Bishop of Shrewsbury, will be leading and speaking at the 10.30am at Holy Trinity Belle Vue. Even if you usually worship somewhere else across our life at Trinity we’d extend a warm welcome to come and welcome her to our life here. Meanwhile at the 9am service at Meole Brace Paul Thomas, the Archdeacon of Salop, will be speaking and presiding.

Plans are being finalised for the all-age celebration at the 11am service as we continue our theme of “Everyday Faith“, as well as the 10.30am gathering in Radbrook Green. Don’t forget there’s a pub lunch next door in the “Inn on the Green” taking place after the morning service, with more details from Keith or Amal if you want to find out more.

Finally our evening congregation meets as usual, 6.15pm for 6.30pm in the Bradbury Hall. Alex Cama will be speaking on “ministering grace and love”, and reminding us how so much of our mission isn’t necessarily about “doing strange things in weird places”, but rather about being alert to God’s kingdom and open to opportunities in the daily places of our Monday to Sunday lives.


This week sees the first meeting of our new PCC, elected at the recent APCM. Included on the agenda are an overview of our ministry and mission, an update on the Glebe Field, and updates on our financial life, the Trinity Centre and the staff team. We’ll also be endorsing a new safeguarding policy, and electing people to serve on some of the different teams who oversee individual congregations or areas of our church life. At the heart of our life together is ‘faith, hope and love’, and we’d value your prayers as we meet.

If you want to find out more about the life of the PCC do chat to one of the staff team or the Church Office, or look out for those people from across our life at Trinity who serve in this way. The next elections – for PCC members not prime-ministers – comes up next May. It’s not too early to be thinking whether that might be you…

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It was really good to hear our friends from North Africa speak about their work last Sunday, and to pray for them. Sorry about a couple of tech issues which made the online presence a bit more complicated…

Thank you also to those who were involved in the cake sale to raise funds for the group of young people who will be going to North Africa to see the work for themselves in the autumn of 2022. About £150 was raised to support their work which is great news. More news to come.



We’ve got a really, really wonderful problem of too many children! There are regularly 35 under 11’s at our 11am service and, in order to disciple and care for them well, we need to increase our team. Here is Cerys, along with Steve and Lisa, to tell you why this is such a great ministry to be involved with…

Find out more from Cerys and the team

Contact Cerys


A reminder about giving, including our stewardship of money in the life of the church here. We continue to be amazed at the generosity of so many, and how your giving makes such a difference in the lives of young and old, local and further afield. Thankyou.

We’re trialling taking an offering again by passing the collection baskets along the rows. I know that a very significant number of us – even higher than pre-COVID – give by standing order and other regular ways and so please do pass the basket to the next person. But for those who give via weekly envelopes, or those giving by cash, we hope this includes your offering – and your generosity – as part of our worship more fully too.

More about giving and stewardship


Anyone come across “Beat the Street”, a summer project across Shrewsbury inviting people to get outdoors, get active, and get walking. There are a few dozen “beat boxes” located around the town, including one just up the road from church by the primary school and various other places nearby. The basic concept is you ‘tap’ your card on one of the boxes, and then walk / run / cycle to another one and tap it there, and keep on going! You get points for each journey you make. It’s free to take part in, all-ages friendly, and amongst other places you can pick up a card from Co-op in Radbrook Green.

It’s not for everyone, many people have found praying when out and about a huge gift, and to be talking to God whilst in the great outdoors. You get to pray for our neighbours, our communities and our town. Anyone want to give it a go? More details – and register – on the website.

Beat the Street – Shrewsbury


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