Weekly Email w/b 3rd May 2021

Weekly Email w/b 3rd May 2021

This was the scene last Sunday evening for our monthly 6.30pm gathering. Half an hour before we had chairs laid out across the courtyard in perfect rows, two metre distancing, and though we’re not yet serving coffee there was at least a warm welcome in the air. And then the rain came, and lots of it! There was a hasty retreat – chairs and all – into the covered cloisters, and the service continued from there.

Despite the weather, it was great to be together. To see friends. To read scripture and to pray. And – being outdoors – to sing together. “Bless the Lord o my soul” we sang, remembering back over these last weeks and months, through the tough times and the trials as well as the moments of joy and blessing. “You’re rich in love and You’re slow to anger. Your name is great and Your heart is kind. For all Your goodness, I will keep on singing. Ten thousand reasons for my heart to find….

I’d love to invite you to continue to be part of this. You’ll find below various ways in which you can do that, and as always to “join us and join in.” We continue to recognise how hard it is for some to gather together, and want to be doing all that we can to include people in person as well as online. If there are particular things we can do to support you or those around you, then do please let us know.

As always, with our thanks and prayers as we continue to be “growing faith, proclaiming hope and living the love of Jesus.”

Phil Cansdale
Vicar of Trinity Churches and Area Dean of Shrewsbury

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Over May we continue to meet at 9am and 11am for our online Sunday celebrations. We’ll be meeting in person for these two services, as well as online and with phone church. We continue to host youth and childrens work on the 1st and 3rd Sundays.

In addition to that are two additional gatherings. On Ascension Day (13th May) we’ll be hosting a midweek communion at 10am, and would very much look forward to those who used to attend the midweek service pre-COVID to come as well as many others who might be looking for a (perhaps) quieter midweek service. Then on Pentecost Sunday (23rd May) we’ll be meeting outdoors in Radbrook. We start at 9.30am in the Community Centre grounds, and then after a half an hour service will be going in smaller groups to a few gardens nearby for coffee, cake and a chance to catch up. (By the way, we’re looking at June for a similar event on the Meole Estate.)

Please could you let us know you’re planning on coming to any of these gatherings via our website, or by phoning the Church Office on 01743 362399. Thankyou.

Let us know you’d like to come this Sunday

Come on Ascension Day (13th May)

Come on Pentecost Sunday in Radbrook Green (23rd May)

Find us on Facebook Live


The APCM this year takes place on Sunday 16th May 2021 at 6.30pm. We’ll be meeting exclusively online, beginning at 6.30pm.

As usual we’ll be looking back over the year 2020, a year like no other! We’ll be having an update on current discussions about vision and values, and looking ahead to some of the opportunities opening up for us across Trinity. We’ll also have the usual elections for wardens and PCC members who serve in the leadership life of the parish.

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Each year – as we approach the Annual Meeting – we invite people to “join us and join in” by joining the electoral roll. I’m aware that for many – including the Vicar – the electoral roll can feel something of a mystery, but in effect it is a way of saying “count me in” to the life of the church locally and further afield.

If you have joined the roll in 2019 or 2020 then there is no need to join again. But for those who are newer, or havent yet joined, we’d love to invite you to do so. You’ll find out more details on our website, or if you contact the Church Office we’ll put you in touch with Ann Peppiatt, the Electoral Roll officer.

Find out about the electoral roll

Contact the Electoral Roll Officer

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We’ve got ten days or so to go of CLOISTERS, our pop-up Cafe taking place in the Trinity Centre courtyard. We’re hopeful that from 17th May Cafe Connect will open once more in Radbrook, though we’ll be thinking about whether CLOISTERS might open on occasions into the future.

Take a look at the menu

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We announced a couple of weeks ago about the forthcoming retirement of Judith Clarkson, our Children & Families minister. We’re looking for someone new to join our Ministry Leadership Team and help us continue to develop ministry amongst children and families as a central part of our parish life, and equip this generation for life-long discipleship and whole-life mission.

This comes at an exciting time for us as a parish, as for churches across the UK. There is much to celebrate and build up, as well as opportunities to pioneer new things as we enter a new season of COVID recovery. We’re looking for a team player who will help us nurture lifelong disciples of Christ, pioneer mission which is compelling and effective, and support our local primary schools.

Do you know someone interested, or might God be calling calling you to come and join us to shape the next chapters of our ministry, and to find new areas too as we continue our calling to “growing faith, proclaiming hope and living the love of Jesus.” Find out more by reading the profile below. We’d also love to talk to you informally about this exciting role.

Find out more and read the job profile


Advance notice that 10th to 16th May is this year’s Christian Aid Week, one of the national and international projects which we support as a church.

This is our opportunity to support Christian Aid in Prayer, in Giving and in Action. We can Pray for the Country Projects being supervised by Local Partners, who fully understand the people’s needs. We can Give financially to allow improvement of infrastructure, agriculture, health and trade to create independence and self-esteem and create self-reliance through their own efforts. We can Act to create fundraising activities to raise the finance necessary to improve lives.

Local initiatives like ‘Dribbling for Dams’ from Bayston Hill on May 8th [www.tinyurl.com/28met7bd], walking 300,000 steps to match the distance that people have to walk to get water [www.tinyurl.com/cesyd7sh] are some of the creative ways to replace the traditional house to house collections.

Christian Aid envelopes, publicity and a devotional resource will be available to pick up from Holy Trinity Church for anyone who would like to find out more.

Go to Christian Aid Week Website

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