Weekly Email w/b 4th March 2024

Weekly Email w/b 4th March 2024

This week I received an email encouraging me to pray for five things for our leaders: integrity, compassion, courage, wisdom and tenacity. These are certainly good and Biblical things for which to be praying for our leaders in all parts of lives. But it’s my absolute conviction that we all lead in some way – however young or old we are – because we all have influence over the culture around us.

When we pray for integrity, we are asking that our private life mirrors our public life. The ordination service asks a question which I think applies for all of us who seek to follow Jesus: ‘Will you endeavour to fashion your own life and that of your household according to the way of Christ, that you may be a pattern and example to Christ’s people?‘ I am sure that I am not alone in finding this a daily challenge and knowing that I need more of God’s Holy Spirit if I am to do this, ‘with the help of God.’

Secondly, compassion: how might we be praying for ourselves and for one another that we would be moved to lovingly see and serve the needs of others? And what about courage; an ability to do what is right, honouring of Jesus and His kingdom, in all circumstances.

I probably pray for wisdom more than almost anything else… we often face decisions where there isn’t a right way forward, we need wisdom that comes from God to see the wise way forward. And, finally, tenacity as we ‘press on’ through difficulties and grow in perseverance and endurance.

As I write this, my prayer for each of us that make up the Trinity Churches family is that we might be praying for these five things in our own lives, and in the lives of others around us, as well as in the lives of leaders both globally and more locally.

Revd Fi Iddon (Associate Vicar)

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This Sunday is Mothering Sunday, and we’ll be finding suitable ways to say ‘bless you’ and ‘thank you’ to all the women who come and worship with us. We recognise the mixed emotions that many of us come to this day with, and we hope we’ll be able to reflect all of these prayerfully and carefully.

Fi Iddon will be our speaker at the 9am and CTK 1030am gathering, with Cerys Hughes and the all-age team hosting the 11am all-age celebration at Meole Brace and Peter Madley speaking at Holy Trinity Belle Vue. We’re onto the gospel story of Jesus sharing the last supper with the disciples, and what it is to come to the Lord’s table afresh with opened eyes and hearts on fire. A reminder that our 9am will be livestreamed which gives us more flexibility for the all-age nature of the 11am service.

Our evening service is at 6.30pm in the Trinity Centre. Phil Cansdale will be leading and speaking.

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Plans are now out for our Holy Week and Easter events here at Trinity. It features a celebration of the events of Holy Week, at the time and place they actually occured… only in Meole Brace and Radbrook Green. The idea is to give people a sense of how this week – the most important week – worked out day by day.

There are different ways of joining in this:

  • regular church services will be picking up these themes and developing them
  • gathered events meet at a set time and place, plus some of these on Facebook Live
  • reflect at home are short passages of the gospels to read as the story continues.

Find out more on our website, where you’ll find a map, full diary, and leaflet explaining much more.

Holy Week website

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We’re so thankful to the army of people who serve one another in love at our services, week in and week out. We’re having a particular emphasis on this at our 11am congregation, but there is an invitation to all of us to use our giftings to ‘join in with what God is doing.’

This isn’t simply about filling rotas…:

  • When you serve coffee, you aren’t plugging a gap on a list, but are part of fulfilling the biblical imperative to hospitality.
  • When we talk about working with children and young people, we aren’t asking you to fill a rota…but rather inviting you to be part of the incredible work of the kingdom among Trinity Kids and Youth, and to learn from all they have to teach us about following Jesus.

On our website you’ll now find a response form, and an idea of some of the current ways in which you might step out and serve.

“Your Call” website


On Easter Day we are hoping to be offering baptisms – and renewal of baptism vows in water – as part of our 11am Easter celebrations at Holy Trinity.

For those who have never been baptised, this might be an amazing opportunity to publicly declare your faith, grow in discipleship, and more fully be part of the church. For others you may have been baptised as a child but as an adult come to a more full and active faith, and it might be appropriate for you to renew your baptism vows in water. Then – advance notice – we have a service of confirmations on Sunday 21st July at the 11am gathering.

Being part of God’s amazing family means that people of all ages of life and stages of faith are welcome. Come and be part of that here. Whichever might be suitable for you – or perhaps your children / young people – we’d love the conversation!

Let us know you’re interested….

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Our next “praying for the world” event is on Tuesday 19th March, 745pm to 845pm in the Trinity Centre.

There’s a lot going on in our world at the moment, and it can seem difficult to know where to begin as we come to God in prayer. Hosted by members of our Mission, Relief and Development Committee, this is an opportunity to meet with others as we pray for the world. Whether you’ve a particular people group or place on your heart, are troubled or excited about what’s going on, or simply don’t know where to start…. all are welcome.


Our next welcome event takes place on Sunday 17th March at 9am. We’ll start from 9am with some continental breakfast etc. We’ll then have some time together to get to know each other better, meet some of the team here at Trinity, and to hear something about the wider life of the church. We finish by about 1030am for those who would either like to head home or be slightly early for the 11am gathering.

Let us know please you’re coming, and we’ll start ordering some croissants! We look forward to you being with us.

Let us know you’re coming to the Welcome Event


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Our latest copy of Trinity Life is out now, covering February and March 2024. In it you’ll find our usual roundup of our Sunday life, as well as latest news, some midweek events, details of work with young people and children, and a reminder about the really great work of Cafe Connect and the Trinity Centre. There’s also a page of resources – podcast, book and online TV – if you want to take a step or three of faith. And you’ll find the big theme of Holy Week and Easter 2024.

Pick up a copy from church, the Cafe or the Trinity Centre. And take a sneak preview online by clicking below.

Our new copy of Feb / March Trinity Life

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