Weekly Email w/b 5th June 2023

Weekly Email w/b 5th June 2023

There’s a great game which a lot of church musicians play. I’ve played it myself, and its mainly indulged in by those who play the keyboard, you know, the big songs and “pulling out all the stops” type people. Its called “Keep in step with the organist.”

Its very simple. You decide just before the song whether you’re going to play really fast – or really slow – and then you see whether everyone else in the church can keep up with you. Double speed? Half speed? There are even various permutations of the rules where you get to speed up and slow down within individual verses and lines, just to add a bit more interest to the game!

Before a torrent of emails from fellow worship leaders I’ve got to say we’re about bang on here, though we’ll see how we get on this coming Sunday! But I’m reminded of what Paul says to the church in Galatians, that they are to “keep in step” not with the worship leader but with the Holy Spirit. Walking through our lives in such a way that our footprints are guided by the Spirit’s promptings. Like a soldier marching in formation, that we go through each day hearing the voice of Jesus guiding us. Like an athlete running a race purposefully, that we’d be alert and responsive to God’s guidance in our lives

That’s what we’re looking at this Sunday evening in the book of Acts, as well as in our morning series “Come Holy Spirit.” We have so much to learn as a church community in “growing faith, proclaiming hope, and living the love of Jesus”, and that attentiveness to the voice of the Holy Spirit is at the heart of this. We look forward to being together, and do pray for our gatherings this weekend!

Grace and peace

Phil Cansdale, Vicar

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This Sunday sees our usual rhythm of celebrations taking place at 9am. 11am and 6.30pm at Holy Trinity as well as 10.30am at Radbrook Green and also at Holy Trinity Belle Vue. The 9am will be livestreamed this week, with Valerie Pitt speaking at 9am and CTK, Phil Cansdale speaking at Belle Vue and Cerys Hughes and the all-age team hosting the 11am service.

Meanwhile in the evening the upper ends of Trinity youth get together at 6.30pm in the Trinity Centre, and in the 630pm congregation Phil Cansdale will be our speaker as we continue our series called “Postcards from the early church” as we look through the early chapters of the book of Acts.

At the 9am – as we’ve been doing at other congregations – we’ll be trialling the new arrangements for how we share communion together. For those who wish to do so there will be opportunity to receive communion with bread and the ‘common cup’ of wine. Alongside that there remain opportunities to receive communion in the way that we have been doing for the last three years by the person who is administering communion intincting the wafer into the wine. So everyone will come forward together in the usual way, with different ‘stations’ at the front of church allowing us to receive in different ways and in the way that feels most appropriate for us.

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Our next “Expresso” is coming up this week on Thursday 15th June, 7pm to 7.20pm on Facebook Live. This month we’ll be taking a look at “How to be a Christian in the NHS and healthcare world”, and amongst others Andy and Louise Houghton will be sharing something of this from their own perspective. Find out more – and catch up on two previous episodes on “social media” and “praying when big stuff is going on” – via our website.

Expresso – the story so far


We’re really looking forward to our 2023 Confirmation Service, taking place on Sunday 18th June at 11am. There will be a 9am service that day as usual, but there won’t be a 1030am service in Radbrook, with lifts arranged for CTK friends to join in at the 11am service.

The service will be hosted by Rt Revd Alistair Magowan, one of the assistant Bishops in the Diocese of Lichfield. Many of us will know Alistair as he and Louise worship here, and he is a regular preacher already! Six candidates are being confirmed. Do please be praying for them, and for all who take part in this special service.


If you are expecting a baby, preparing to adopt, or you are a parent or carer of a baby or toddler, we would love you to join us on our Parenting for Faith course starting on Tuesday 13th June 2023.

The course is made up of four online sessions of just one hour each that will help us all explore what parenting for faith looks like with a little one and will include bitesize videos and time for us to chat in our own church family breakout room.

There is no cost to you joining the course and you are welcome whatever stage of faith you are at. If you need an added incentive, you will receive a small treat to enjoy on the first night!

Please sign up to receive the Zoom link, or contact Cerys Hughes for more details.

Let us know you’re coming



Thanks so much to those who came to our stalls and resources last Sunday. Wasn’t it great to have Illuminate Books, Windfall, FairTrade, Palestinian goods, Rachel’s home-made cards and Gareth’s book available, and it was great to see all sorts of different people take things home. Getting resourced – spiritually and practically – can be an important part of our church life. For those who missed it, in particular don’t forget Illuminate Bookshop on Wyle Cop, who continue their mission to be a “light on the high street”.

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Thanks to everyone who took part in Christian Aid week back in May. £254 was raised towards their really important work, with donations coming from envelopes, website or sponsorship of Keith Robinson and his “Big Pea” Challenge Walk from Bayston Hill to Shrewsbury on May 20th. More details of their ongoing work on the website https://www.christianaid.org.uk/.


We were reminded at the APCM about the importance of best safeguarding practice, and how every child, young person and adults has the right to be safe when engaging with God’s church. This is all our responsibility, and if you have any questions or concerns please don’t hesitate to speak up. You can contact the Parish Safeguarding Team at safeguarding@trinitychurches.org , speak to a member of the clergy and ministry team, or phone the Church Office on 01743 362399.If you are a child or young person and have any concerns about your wellbeing and safety, you can also go to the NSPCC website at www.nspcc.org.uk, or phone Childline on 0800 1111.

Our Parish Safeguarding Policy

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