Weekly Email w/b 8th Jan 2024

Weekly Email w/b 8th Jan 2024

In my family I am known for “milking it”! My nearest and dearest will tell you that I have a ‘Birthmonth’ rather than a Birthday, and I do like to make the most of any opportunity to celebrate. So it won’t surprise you to know that my Christmas Tree is still up! What about yours?

In the last few days, the church calendar has marked two great feasts: The Feast of The Epiphany, when we remember the visit of The Magi to Jesus, revealing him as somebody very special; and then The Baptism of Christ when God himself revealed Jesus as His son, with the words “This is my son, whom I love; with him I am well pleased” (Matthew 3:17).

The gift that we waited for during Advent, that we placed in the Crib on Christmas Eve and rejoiced in on Christmas Day, has been revealed as God’s own Son and we mark that by taking down our decorations and getting on with the doldrums of January life – I’m not so sure I’m ready for that!

The Christmas and Epiphany season runs until Candlemas, and some Christians choose to leave their decorations up until 2nd February when we remember the Christ Child being revealed to Anna and Simeon in the Temple, faithful people who had waited their whole lives for the Messiah to come. I fear if I leave my tree up that long, there may be more pine needles on the carpet than on the tree, but for now the twinkling lights remind me that The Light of the World has come into our darkness, and the glitter and sparkles remind me that Jesus is the King of my life – I’m not ready to stop celebrating that just yet!

Wherever your Christmas Tree is, Loft or Living Room, may you see flickers of light and shimmers and sparkles in the world around you this week too.

Cerys Hughes (Children and Families Minister)

December and January Trinity Life

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We’re now underway with our spring morning series called “AMAZED”, as we look at episodes in the life of Jesus where those around him were amazed at sharing life with him. Alistair Magowan will be our speaker at the 9am service (also online) and at the 1030am Christ the King gathering, whilst Gareth Evans is speaking at Holy Trinity Belle Vue. Meanwhile Fi Iddon, Cerys Hughes and the all-age team will be hosting an all-age communion service at the 11am service.

Our evening service is at 6.30pm in the Trinity Centre. This week we begin our spring series on “ten passages that tell is all”, taking a look at the big sweep of the story of God. We’re going to go on a journey from Genesis to Revelation in ten evenings, with Phil Cansdale speaking this first week on Genesis 1.


Why on earth” begins this week, and is a safe space to listen, to learn, and explore life, the universe and everything. Taking place at Cafe Connect, it’s the sort of place where you can bring some of the big questions we all have. Over four weeks we’ll take a different look at issues including: “Hasn’t science disproved God?” “Why suffering?” “What about other religions”? “How do we live with hope?”

More about Why On Earth



Just Ten” started last week, with just over thirty of us exploring the ten commandments. We started with “how to find true contentment.” It’s not too late to join us as we continue to look at big themes like “how to prevent burnout” and “how to prosper with a clear conscience.”

Just Ten – sign up

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We’re really excited to be welcoming two people to the staff team this month:

Rachel Cama is beginning as Pre-school worker, working alongside Cerys Hughes to oversee our work with 0s-5s and families. She’ll be working at the two toddler groups on Monday afternoons and Thursday mornings as well as monthly Little Buds Toddler Church on Friday mornings.

Meanwhile Kelly Ashton-Pallatina is starting as our new Church Verger. Kelly is already an experienced Welcome Assistant in the Trinity Centre, and so this feels a really natural step for her to be picking up the role of verger and helping church – and our services there – continue to be a welcoming place to many people.

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Click the link below to go to December’s and January’s Trinity Life. Not quite as long as the Radio Times Christmas edition, but it does feature lots of what is going on over the next few weeks as January gets under way.

December and January Trinity Life

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