Weekly email w/b 8th July 2024

Weekly email w/b 8th July 2024

This week we welcomed some lovely friends from The Samaritans to lead an Active Listening Workshop for our Trinity Tots teams. Journeying alongside young families, especially in the early years is such a huge privilege but we know that sometimes life is just really hard, and our calling to be ‘More Like Jesus’ means getting alongside people in the everyday nitty-gritty of life, and sharing God’s hope and love.

Something that struck me from the training is that so often we listen to respond, to find answers or solutions, when actually the greatest thing we can do is just listen.

One of my favourite stories about Jesus is when he meets with a Samaritan woman at the well (John 4: 1-26). Against cultural norms, Jesus spoke to her and then listened to her replies. Jesus already knew everything about her, but he still listened as she told him about her life. For me, this passage conjures up an image in my head of Jesus, casually perching on the side of a well, listening intently and nodding along as this woman pours out her sadness and shame at how her life has been. He’s not judging her or shaming her like perhaps her village have done for so long, he’s just listening. And actually, he knows everything that she is saying anyway, he’s not listening for any benefit other than hers, an outcast woman.

I love that this woman goes away from the conversation changed, she left her water jar and went back to the village to tell everybody about this person she had met, maybe the first person to listen to her in a long time.

I wonder how different our conversations could be if we listen to understand rather than reply?

Cerys Hughes, Children and Families Minister


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OK, first things first. “Come on England.” And “we’re not going head-to-head with the 8pm kick off of the Euro Finals” this Sunday evening. So our evening service, starting promptly at 6.30pm, will finish more formally between 7.30pm and 7.45pm, and most of you will be home for kick-off. We’re continuing looking at the Sermon on the Mount, and this week come to the teaching on ‘giving’ and ‘praying’ in Matthew 6. Our speaker is Alistair Hornal.

Meanwhile Trinity Youth will be meeting upstairs in the Trinity Centre from 6.30pm as well, with a similar cut-off time to their session together.

This Sunday morning sees us on the fifth and final week of introducing our new “more like Jesus” values. Bishop Alistair Magowan will be speaking at the 9am service and Belle Vue services, with our monthly all-age celebration at the 11am and Keith Moore speaking at CTK. Our theme this week is “all-ages”, as we remember the joys of being a community where people of all ages of life and stages of faith are part of God’s amazing family.

A reminder that it is also the Big Sunday Lunch taking place on Sunday. More details below.

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A couple of Sunday events coming up in July:

  • Sunday 14th July in our 9am and 11am morning services we are having stalls after the morning services in the Trinity Centre. Our usual mix of Windfall Project, Fairtrade, Illuminate Books, home-made cards etc. A card machine will be available for those making online payments.
  • Sunday 21st July sees Bishop Sarah, the Bishop of Shrewsbury, with us in our 11am congregation as four people are confirmed. Apologies, but she won’t be with us at the 9am service that day…..

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Our 2024 Fun in the Sun diary is now published. Events this year include newer events like Young Adult bowling and a Youth Pizza night alongside old favourites like the Pudding Party, Summer walk, and toddlers picnic. The first event is 25th July, and they run through August and into very early September. More details on the website, and you can book in online or at the Church Office in the usual way.

More details about Fun in the Sun

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Our next “Big Sunday Lunch” events take place on Sunday 14th July.

Want to join a group who get together every couple of months to share a meal and “do life” together? Suitable for all ages and ‘stages’, and whether old-timer or newcomer, you’d be very welcome at the next “Big Sunday lunch”. For those already in a group then details should be winging their way to you over the next few days. And if you’d like to join a group – and make the most of opportunities of getting to know other people at Trinity – then let us know and we’ll find some space around a Sunday lunch table near you!

Sign up for Big Sunday Lunch


Holiday at Home is our wonderful annual event, where you are invited to come for three relaxing days of fun and activities.

Bingo, quizzes, thought for the day, a delicious lunch, as well as afternoon tea and live entertainment. The third day (Wednesday 7th August) is a day trip to Barmouth, including fish and chips! People are coming for all three days, or just choose to come to one or two days. What ever you decide – you definitely don’t want to miss it!

More about Holiday at Home

More about Barmouth Trip


A new entry this week, with another trip coming up in September. We start the day at Kenilworth Castle with a chance to visit the gardens and castle. We’ll then head to Coventry Cathedral for a guided tour and time to look around the area before finishing with Choral Evensong. Previous trips like this have featured Liverpool and Hereford, so we’re really excited to be back on the road again this summer. More details, and booking, via the Church website or be in touch with the Church Office.

More about the Trip to Coventry


Our Summer 2024 edition of Trinity Life is out. You’ll find in there an update on our values and vision work, details of Sunday services, and some of the “what’s on” events over the summer including Holiday at Home, Fun in the Sun etc. There are also some resources to inspire discipleship and deepen prayer. Pick up a copy in Church, Trinity Centre, Cafe Connect etc. Or take a read online.

Read online – Trinity Life


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