Weekly email w/b 8th March 2021

Weekly email w/b 8th March 2021

Let’s start with some good news. We’re working towards Holy Trinity Meole Brace being open for Easter Sunday, 4th April. What better day could there be to open our doors and celebrate new life together! We’ll let you know over the next fortnight about exactly what this is going to look like, with some gatherings taking place outdoors and others in the building itself. There will be the usual need to let us know you’re coming to help with planning, and we will of course be following COVID guidelines at each step of the way.

Meanwhile we are now approaching all sorts of “twelve month anniversaries” these next days. A year since we last saw a particular friend or family member. A year since a night out at our favourite restaurant or a trip to the cinema. A year since we sang together in a full church. As we walk through Lent, and as we celebrate the resurrection, we hold both these losses and our joys before God. I’m looking forward to some of the different ways in which we’re going to help this process of remembering as a church, and offer this to the community around as well.

In the meantime we continue online, on the phone, on doorsteps, and wherever else the kingdom of God is at work. We continue to be praying for you all to be deepening faith, to be patient in hope, and to be continuing in love.

With thanks and prayers, as always.

Phil Cansdale
Vicar of Trinity Churches and Area Dean of Shrewsbury

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Our new-look notices video, this week hosted by Fi Iddon. We hope it gives a flavour of what’s going on here at the moment, and some of the different ways you can get involved. We’d love to know if this is a helpful way of doing things, and how we can keep improving, so do be in touch….

Watch this week’s What’s On Video

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Saturday 13th March is our next online prayer meet-up. Each week we’ll be reflecting around a particular theme or approach to prayer, including unanswered prayer, being creative in prayer, and finding that “still small place.” This week Annali Hindle will help us explore “space for lamentation and hope”, reflecting on how to pray “as normal” in a time of loss. We need different words – and silence. This is safe space to bring hard things to prayer.

Let us know you’re coming this Saturday to pray

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It’s the twelve month anniversary of Six o’clock live, which began by accident just as COVID lockdown began. Each day twenty or so households get together for twenty minutes of prayer, reflection and worship. We’d love to know how we’re getting on, and what developing this daily resource might look like as we go on from here.

Complete the Six o’clock live survey


It’s been amazing to see the churchyard so well used in recent months. Did you know that we have an amazing team of people on the lawn-mowing team, and are looking for a few more! You’ll be on the rota every five weeks or so through spring and summer. Takes about two hours, and mow when suits you! Contact the Church Office and we’ll pass your details on.

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Alongside Sunday gatherings, midweek meet-ups, small groups etc, there are three resources which we hope you’ll find a gift over Lent 2021.

  • WORSHIP IN THE WILDERNESS. Lent 2021. A booklet to complement and build on our Sunday services with ideas and reflections to be done on your own or with someone else. Each week gives space for a simple prayer, a short piece of scripture to read, and a few questions to reflect on.
  • HOLY TRINITY CHURCHYARD LABYRINTH. Life can be so full on, and it’s easy to get so caught up in the rush and excitement of the day we can forget to make time for God and for ourselves.We have set up this Labyrinth as an interactive way to inspire you to pause, take a breath of fresh air and just be for a moment.So why not use the opportunity, take a wonder down to the church and be inspired to pray, reflect and take a moment to be with God.
  • TIME FOR GOD. A booklet with some simple prayers and readings from the Bible. Full of inspiring pictures and We’ve designed this particularly to give away to people who might appreciate some short encouragements in prayer and scripture. You can pick up a copy from outside Holy Trinity Church or Café Connect, or download one from the website. If you’d like us to send a copy to you, or someone you know, then do please let us know and we’ll put something in the post.

Journeying with God through Lent

Take a look at the prayer Labyrinth

Download a copy of the new “Time to pray” booklet


These are tough days for many people, and lots of us find ourselves in need of help and support. As a local church we pray regularly for the local community we serve, and we would love to pray for you, your family or friends. Do please let us know what we might be praying for you, or make this link available to others as appropriate.

Let us know what we might be praying for you




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