Weekly Email w/b 9th October 2023

Weekly Email w/b 9th October 2023

I’ll be honest. I’m not actually sure how to talk about what’s going on in Israel and in Gaza at the moment. Let alone how to pray. In the light of a rising death toll and escalating conflict where does one begin?

First, we listen. We listen to the voices of those who have been hurt, and those who are hurting today. We choose to listen well, wisely and compassionately, and to hear the voices of those who cry for justice and weep in war. As one writer put it, “the land flowing with milk and honey is instead a land of blood and tears.

Secondly pray with all our hearts for those grieving the sudden loss of loved ones, those who’ve been captured, and all those who have suffered an appalling act of terror.

The Bible Society, one of our mission partners, wrote of an Israeli saying “There is not a family in the country that has not lost a family member or a friend. More than ever, we need your prayers.” Meanwhile a Christian living in Gaza wrote this prayer via another mission partner of ours, Open Doors. “We pray that love and peace will prevail in our country and I ask for a prayer for God’s protection over my family and our home, that the war will end quickly, and that the Lord will meet all needs, especially at this time, and that we be can be the light in the middle of this total darkness and reflect the light and love of Christ in Gaza.” Please join with many others in this prayer.

Finally we dare seek for peace, even though we can scarcely imagine what that might look like. We unequivocally condemn the Hamas attacks, and oppose any and every attempt to justify violence. We pray that Israel acts justly and proportionately, and for active and effective peacemaking at an international political level. And we strive for peace more locally across communities here in the UK where anger and tensions are erupting. May the measured voices of diplomacy constrain violence on every side.

Lord, have mercy.

Phil Cansdale, Vicar

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In our morning congregations we are in the swing of things in our autumn series called “Kingdom Come.” We are looking through the book of Nehemiah, which is full of themes like praying and vision, working together, and rebuilding when things are broken down. Fi Iddon will be speaking at 9am and 11am services, , whilst Shirley Stevens will be speaking at CTK and Phil Cansdale is speaking at Belle Vue at 10.30am.

In the evening we’re gearing up for the next part of our climb up the “Mount Everest” of the book of Romans. Annali Hindle will be our speaker on the next leg of our journey as we continue to engage with the really excellent new material from the Bible Society. A reminder – for those who have missed it – that you can ‘catch up’ on our Romans series via the sermon archive on the website.

Sermon archive on website

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The Trinity Women’s Curry night took place last night, with 45 people getting together for a great evening. Thanks to Amal and all those involved in hosting this evening.

Meanwhile the next Trinity Men’s Breakfast takes place on Saturday 11th November. Come and join us for a legendary breakfast, great fellowship and a bit of Saturday morning inspiration. We kick off at 8.30am, and will be clear to crack on with the rest of the day by 10am. All are welcome. And bring a friend!

Trinity Men’s Breakfast

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We love the writing of Pete Greig, who – amongst other things – says “The best bit of advice I ever received about how to pray was this: keep it simple, keep it real, keep it up.”

We’re updating the website page on prayer, where we hope you’ll more easily find some of the different ways in which we want to be equipping and encouraging you to pray. Gatherings in person and online, links to some resources, prayer circle, and an online opportunity for you or others to say “pray one for me.” Click below to find out more.

Find out more about our prayer resources

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An open invitation to our next “Service of Remembering” on Sunday 29th October. These usually last about 45 minutes. We read out a list of names for those for whom we have taken funerals, as well as other names of those perhaps long deceased but still very much on our hearts. There are opportunities to light a candle as a sign of remembering, and to enjoy the stillness and peace of the church which has been part of people’s remembering for many, many generations. We’ll hear again of the Christian gifts of faith, hope and love which feel particularly timely as Easter approaches. We’ll finish with refreshments at the back of church hosted by our team.

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Do you like sewing/appliqué? Are you creative? Do you have a favourite piece of scripture, or line from a worship song, that you would love to develop into a work of art?

You will have noticed that there is a Harvest banner covering the long notice board in Bradbury Hall, and this is one of a range of stunning banners, both full length and in panels, which successive teams have made for us over the years. We have a variety of seasonal banners for Easter, Pentecost, Harvest, Remembrance, Christmas and even Valentines Day but it would be lovely to have some ‘generic’ ones to display in between the church seasons.

We would love to convene a new group of like-minded folk to continue the tradition of making these banners and panels, to complement our beautiful Hall, and to speak of Jesus to our visitors. If you are interested in being part of such a group, please contact either Jenny Surl or Helen Hinton in the office.

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We’re currently looking to make some new staff appointments. Might this be you? Or someone who you know?

  • Preschool worker (12 hours per week, termtimes ++) to work alongside the Children and Families’ Minister to deliver and develop the church’s vision to reach families with 0-5 year old children with the love of God
  • Church Verger (2 hours per week plus weddings, funerals, some baptisms) to be on the frontline in welcoming people of all ages of life and stages of faith to Meole Brace Church. You’ll ensure that the Church building is prepared and ready as a place of welcome, hospitality and mission for our regular Sunday services as well as weddings, funerals, baptisms and other events
  • Welcome Assistants (flexible, esp weekdays needed) to welcome guests, offer great hospitality, and help prepare and clean a busy centre at the heart of the local community.

If you’d like a conversation about any of these roles chat to one of the ministry team, or give the Church Office a ring on 01743 362399. The jobs and application forms will be ‘live’ on our website from this weekend, with closing dates coming up in October.

Work with us at Trinity Churches

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