Where is your frontline, please let us know?

Where is your frontline, please let us know?

shoesWe would love to hear about your frontline, if you are a member of the Trinity Churches family, use the survey below to tell us more.

It has been so encouraging lately to hear about how different congregation members are recognising where their ‘frontlines’ are and being open to how God might use them in the places he has put them. And it has been a great encouragement to go out and visit different people on their frontlines and encourage them and see them in action, and we are keen to continue to do this.

In order to help us find out more about people’s frontlines and how we as a church can pray for them and support and equip people better in those places, we’ve put together a very quick survey which you can access here

Many thanks and we look forward to receiving the responses and finding even better ways to support people out on their own ‘mission fields.’


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